Natalie Glasson – 21st December 2012 Much Love And Celebration Is Shared With You On This Sacred Day – 20 December 2012

21st December 2012

Much Love and Celebration is Shared with You on this Sacred Day

May your day be filled with many beautiful Creator realisations and an abundance of Creator love.

There is a wonderful feeling of bliss, joy and love within my being that is rejoicing in the fact that we have made our sacred journey to this most divine day and period of the Earth and humanity’s ascension. I can feel my guides celebrating with my soul, rejoicing in the achievements that have been made and I know that your guides are also rejoicing with your soul in the same way. I feel very blessed to be on the Earth at this moment, to experience the energies of the Creator in a physical body and to share love and truth so openly with many people. I feel that my guides are simply asking me to enjoy this day and all that it provides energetically and physically and so I encourage you to do the same. Let us raise our vibrations to new heights as we rejoice and celebrate all that we are at this very present moment.

Congratulations and Celebrations for All That You Are!

We wish you the most blissful day,
With love,

The Sacred School of Om Na, Natalie and all the beings who have channelled their energy and consciousness to date.

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