Bill Ballard – Welcome To The Shift Of The Ages – Enjoy The Bliss Of Your Activation – 21 December 2012

Uploaded on 21 December 2012 by pearls2u Welcome to the Shift of the Ages! We Made It! Many persons are experiencing a new bliss that is emanating from their now activated Heart Chakra. From experience I can tell you THAT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING! It will continue to expand and intensify as you continue focusing your intent on expanding that bliss, and your physical being transitions to be able to handle more light. With that comes the magic of manifesting within the 5th Dimension. I say this from personal experience. Welcome to the New Earth where you are only limited by those thoughts and perceptions that you commit your focus to. As we expand in this new way of being as a collective, the whole of Mother Earth will also shift, cleansing herself into a purity we can only describe as Heaven on Earth. WE CREATE THIS TOGETHER! Welcome to YOUR Very Own Ascension Mastery! LOVE!


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