Lucas – A Last Post Before The Shift Today – 21 December 2012

personal-ascension-660x498If you read this post and still are not aware a shift in consciousness is underway for human kind, earth and the universe than I say go within and feel your heart, stop the mind and let go of all that is coming up in that mind of thought, feelings and visions, images. Let go of all that is not you but illusion. There is only unconditional love to be found in your heart.

I am for 3 days 21st  till 24th  December 2012 posting less or nothing, that is a first as I have never made an announcement that I will not post at all or less. From the start of my blog I have been posting every day in day out 24/7.  The event we have been working towards is now happening. It is not the end of the world but a shift in the vibrational and conscious level of our planet, universe and us. The way you will perceive this shift of the ages is up to you and on what level you are now being prepared for it.

Be freely experiencing in silence and peace of mind or in meditation yourself this personal shift within you.  Know we are going to see a new paradigm starting in the now today.  The work for us shifting will start for sure after that date in a whole different perception and energetic level. Think we are all reflections of source. Source is part of us and we of source.  It is asking us to make a step up from a cycle of duality ending into a new beginning and  exploration of unity and oneness in a field that holds no linear thinking and time anymore.  It is an ever expanding spherical creation of 5 Dimensional form.

Know you are the creators of that new reality. Know it to be the creation that is only for the best of all and the highest outcome for all. Yes, you will be gods co-creating, co-existing, sharing and having all that is available for you.  For most it will feel as if you woke up out of a bad or a good dream.  It will be the dream that leads you to be after being activated to know all that is. Also you will know to be part of this new creation on the new earth, and dimensional universe, galaxy.  Even if it seems to some nothing changed, they will find out quick enough that all is different. The time has come to be love in action to be part of the new community of unconditional love and unity as One.

All will be done and be part of and be derived from the One.  Let bliss, joy and love fill your hearts and may your days of transitions be a feast of Oneness in all. I wish you all the best transition you ever will make. Let the shift of ages and the ending of time bring about; “The New Paradigm” that will  bring us back to our hearts being the centre of our universes within and without.  Be the birds that jump out of their nests and learn to fly in the unknown new world of unity and oneness. The new will not deprive you of being you or let you only be a collective consciousness. It  is only about you being transformed within to a new higher perception and vibrational field. That field represents the oneness and unity and unconditional love that you have become again in being connected to source and earth via your heart portal. The activations and changes within you, are coming from the now for some time (years)  incoming shift energies. Those energies are now bringing the final shift about that will alter you, also earth and the universe.

The new is about seeing things in a really new perspective of vortexes, circles and spheres as the linear  thinking and time are no more. It is now just being present in the now. This will be complicated enough for a lot to be in and working their ‘minds’ around this will be still a challenge. Thinking and making things work without having the need for powers, leaders, controllers is for some still difficult to grasp.  Making things work without going from a to b or in steady fenced environments , matrixes, patterns, beliefs, etc.   It is a world that makes fluid creations work. You have to  rethink everything from a new perspective of all that is now 5 Dimensional. But in all we will learn and succeed.

Your morningstar and light, Lucas, brought you with inspiration and love : audio, videos, news and writings for you all.  I am now going a few days being alone and you will do with less or no postings.  I go myself turn within to make the shift. I say bye for now. Whatever you do, have a happy shift and know all will be perfect as intended by source. We have asked for the highest outcome  for all and everything in this shift towards our golden age : “The Age Of Aquarius”.  It will be so and so it be done.

I love all of you so much,


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3 responses to “Lucas – A Last Post Before The Shift Today – 21 December 2012

  1. Thank you Lucas for all of your wisdom and guidance… you rock!!! Wishing you an amazing shift… in the now… in the heart —> ❤ <— what a beautiful dream we will all co create with source 🙂

  2. Barbara Langworthy

    Thank you!

    I love you very much. Barbara / Ramara

  3. I truly appreciate all your wisdom. Thank you. Peace, Love, & Light.