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The Age Of Aquarius – 21 December 2012

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John Ward – Breaking : Gold Falls Off its Own Cliff – 21 December 2012

goldbarsPrecious metal drops $26, still dropping in Asia

Gold dropped $26.16 on the New York Exchange  yesterday (Thursday). The descent began at opening, made a minor fightback early afternoon, and then collapsed back to $1646 at the close. In just 10 minutes of Asian trading today (5.11 am GMT) the metal dropped a further $4.68, then reversed. It is currently at $1641.87 Continue reading

Visonkeeper – Welcome To The New Earth! – 21 December 2012

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December 21st has arrived and our new world is now in progress. We have disembarked off our ship and into the new world of light, love and higher consciousness. We completed our mission, completed our journey and kept centered in our hearts with all we have met along the way. It has been an honor to have all of you be a part of OWR. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – 11-11 Doorway 11th Gate Activation – Process Of Initiation Into New Earth – (Re-post of 20 November 2012) – 21 December 2012

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Magenta Pixie – 21st December 2012 – Zero Point – 21 December 2012

Uploaded  on 20 December 2012 MagentaPixie2012 Your Ascension culmination point is now here – in your reality – 21st December 2012. The date in your Earth’s calendar that marks the highest point of the Ascension process.
Channelled and recorded by Magenta Pixie.
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New Beginning – December 21st 2012 – 21 December 2012

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John Smallman – Jesus – A New Age Is Born Today – 21 December 2012

john-blog-pics-0135Today is a day of great significance because you are waking up!  No longer will you feel beholden to the power and authority of corrupt organizations that have for so long held you enslaved to their unjust laws and regulations.  The energy that has been flowing strongly from the divine Love field over the last few years to assist your awakening process has intensified over the course of 2012, receiving enormous boosts on 11/11/12, 12/12/12, and with an even greater one today.  This energy is now flowing freely and constantly, and engaging very positively with your own energy fields, and each one of you adds your own signature to it as you wake up and consciously become a part of it.  You and your world will never be the same again, because the New Age has arrived, so REJOICE! Continue reading

The Power Of Our Heart Activated Chakra – 21 December 2012

heart-of-lightening-animatedStill not not found what will help you to make the shift.  Go within and  feel the power of the unconditional love from your heart connected to source.

Love you all. Happy shift.



3 Happy Birthdays To Celebrate – 21 December 2012


3 Birthdays to celebrate at one time :

Happy Birthday New Paradigm,

Happy Birthday New Earth and Universe,

Happy Birthday to me as I am also a birthday boy today,  not without coicedance. earth_ascension.preview







Lucas – A Last Post Before The Shift Today – 21 December 2012

personal-ascension-660x498If you read this post and still are not aware a shift in consciousness is underway for human kind, earth and the universe than I say go within and feel your heart, stop the mind and let go of all that is coming up in that mind of thought, feelings and visions, images. Let go of all that is not you but illusion. There is only unconditional love to be found in your heart. Continue reading