Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 22 December 2012

ann albers and lucy the dogMessages From The Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Happy Holy Holidays to each one of you! In the heavens are hearts are so touched by your outpouring of light, for just as the Christmas story goes, you are the ones bringing light into the darkness. You are the ones bringing hope to a world in need. You are the ones bringing simple reverence to situations, knowing that God lives in all the places and faces you see here upon the earth.

The recent events in your news remind you that there is such a great need for love upon your earth. When you bring this love into the darkened spaces, much like a pure child brought his light into a very dark time upon the earth, miraculous transformation and healing become possible. And while you can’t reach out to every wounded soul, you can smile at a stranger, hold out a hand to assist someone, perhaps even practice a bit more tolerance and compassion there in your family holiday gatherings. You can, in your dash to get the last minute presents, remember not to lose your loving presence. In your desire to share with family and friends, don’t forget to share of your own hearts. For it is and always will be the gifts of love that matter the most, and the gifts of your presence that create the greatest ripples in the sea of human consciousness.

A tiny baby born in a cold dark stable brought a love that rippled out into the world. A tiny bit of oil in a lamp burned miraculously for days. You too dear ones, can be the miraculous lights in the world, shining your love into the darker spaces, into the pains within your own heart, into the painful parts of those in need… not only at this beautiful time of year, but always. Give birth to the light within. Let it shine ever so brightly. You are, each and every one of you, a precious gift to humanity and a blessing in our eyes.

Happy Holidays dear ones. Sit with us and open your hearts to receive the gift of our love. Our wish for you is that the light of God that we, the angels feel each and every day, rise up within you and bless you now and throughout the year.

God bless you, we love you so very much!
— The Angels


Message from Ann

Hi Everyone!

After the recent shootings, it almost felt trite to enjoy the holidays, knowing so many were suffering so much, and yet the angels have taught me that if we are not the ones involved in the painful circumstances, it is our greater gift to contribute to the love and joy in the world. And so I did what I could to offer comfort and condolence, prayers, good thoughts and messages and then I went about my Christmas plans knowing if God wanted me to do more, He would put it in my heart and mind to do so. I trust in His guidance.

There will always be light and darkness in the world. And while we bear witness to the sadness, anger, and pain, and sometimes find ourselves in it as well, when we are not we can do our utmost to add to the beauty, inspiration, and love. It is not selfish but rather a gift to bring our light into the dark. We can be in the world, but not of it. From our joy we can contribute to the greater good. And when we are the ones suffering we can receive the hope we need from those who are not. There will always be give and take, an in-breath, and an out-breath of God’s love shared among us.

And so this Christmas, perhaps those of us who are blessed not to be in the fear and pain of the world, owe it to the world to give thanks for our blessings, to shine our love and light out into the world, to pray powerfully for the upliftment of all, and to know that to live in joy when we are given the opportunity is not selfish but rather a blessing to give thanks for that state of being.

If you find yourself in need of love this holiday open up to receive. If you find yourself having some to share, give where guided. Each of us is truly a present to one another and the presence of God within each of us guides us in a Divine dance to allow that love to flow freely throughout the human race.

Your presence has been a present in my life. You inspire me and give back so much simply by letting your own lights shine in the world. I love you all. Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it. Happy Holidays to all. I pray that your hearts feel the love and innocence of the babe in the manger, and the very great love that God and the angels have for you.

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