James Gilliland – The Third Secret Of Fatima!!! – 22 December 2012

james_gilliland1Before we cover this, I want to tell about my own personal relationship with Mary. At five years old I was dying of bronchial pneumonia, and on several occasions the doctors feared I would not make it through the night. A woman in blue appeared to me and stood by my side with her hand on my head. The last night I was sick she gave me a white substance that was the consistency of ice cream, but not cold—and fed it to me. I recovered very quickly and since that time never missed a day of school for years to come. It was later I came to find out it was Mother Mary. Not being religious or a Catholic it did not make sense, yet these masters, saints and sages have transcended all religious and cultural boundaries in service to all humanity and the Earth. Some may jump to the conclusion that they are in service to God. God does not really need servicing; humanity and the Earth is in the most need. Because of my deep relationship with Mary and Masters, Saints and Sages, including higher dimensional beings, I am writing this letter.

If you search the ancient teachings and frescos you will find a plethora of religious events tied into not only UFOs, but also higher dimensional beings. They are often referred to as angels, archangels and other ancient masters, yet why the ships depicted in such holy events? Could it be that much of our religious history is filled with off world visitations and events? The ancient Vedic scriptures are replete with flying vehicles and elaborate descriptions of them. Even the bible speaks of fiery chariots, Shiny disks in the firmament with bronze feet like calves, fire and brimstone emitting from them sounding like a thousand rushing rivers when they landed. There were wheels within wheels with flashing lights around them darting about after such landings. There were wrathful Gods no one could appease and loving all-forgiving Gods, which sounds schizophrenic unless you know the real history of Earth. If Jesus brought the new covenant and spoke of an all-loving, all-forgiving God, why is the retribution of a wrathful punishing God still used as an image to control the masses? Could it be Mary spelled this all out? How can you fear God and love God at the same time? Has fear, guilt and unworthiness been used to control and extort money from the masses? If churches were created to attend to the sick, the poor and the hungry, why have they amassed such wealth—often at the expense of the poor, the ignorant and the hungry?

Is it a sin to use logic and critical thinking? Has humanity become so ignorant and controlled by the herd consciousness so as to not even question these matters? Why would Popes cry and fear releasing the third Secret of Fatima? Could it talk about the real God, a frequency and a force beyond human comprehension and the images of man? What would happen when those aligned with the real God return and see the betrayal of a trust with Satanic Rituals of Religions and Governments? What would be the consequences of self-serving actions, amassing great wealth at the expense of humanity? What would be the consequences of a long history despite warnings of misleading the people, extorting money and obedience from them using fear guilt and unworthiness?

Could Mary have spoken of the Apocalypse, the great uncovering of the fall of the church and state, satanic worship, child molesting, extreme abuse of power in the name of God? Could she have given a dire warning of the consequences of religions, governments, and civilizations constantly warring on each other, destroying God’s kingdom, the environment? Could she have warned about straying away from universal law, God given rights and trespassing on those rights?

Now you see why Popes cry and fear releasing the Third Secret of Fatima. The secret is in the questions. You will not see this message in churches, governments or the mainstream. There is a great suppression of the divine feminine. They, too, fear the truth and the consequences of their actions and any light shed upon those actions. In the days to come there will be a great reckoning. In their heart-of-hearts and souls they know their time is short.

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