Lucas – The Age Of Aquarius And Ascension Does Not Equal The Myth Of Becoming “BORGs” As A Collective Unity Consciousness! & What Is 5D Creation? – 22 December 2012

creation5DA Lot of people I see channeling or writing that we are ascending into a unity collective consciousness that equals you being all that is, but having no identity of yourself or your energy signature anymore.  That is a myth to me in 5D.

That would be we all being just one person or god that works as one through all their parts without the parts having an identity just being one consciousness.  It would be like mindless drones just operating and doing things without awareness of  identity or the self.

God or source has created us in “his image”  or as a reflection of him/her/it. We have been created with the purpose to be experiencing all that is as part of god and all that is with our own identity, energy signature or self.  That is not the same as your mind or ego which does not have any purpose in 5D anymore.

You will have also in 5D your own way of expression your godlike all that is in that space that is for you to express yourself in. Everybody has a continuous screen or field that is his or hers or its manifesting field.  5D is a constant expanding change of all that is. We create from all that is  from the unity field. But we still are connected in our creations  to the basis all parts /reflections of god in unity and oneness.  We can only create from that field in the most highest form or outcome to all that is.  We create therefore our own signature energy creations still connected to that what binds us all the unity field that is source or god.  We still are that what we where in 3D, reflections of god that god created to experience creation in all its facets.  We create those facets. You can see them as fractals.  All is build or unbuilt, connected, or disconnected from all that is fractal in source.  We also are built of fractals.

In 5D, energy is the main source we communicate with. It is that what makes things happen, felt, seen, heard.  These are vibrations/frequencies  that makes things what they are:  visible, invisible, sound or silence, light or absence of light. It is just what it is in the moment of now as things are changing constantly due to the absent linear time, linear space and thinking.  It is we that have to create from new 5D perspectives. It is a constant change and exchange of energy communicating and therefore also creating.  It is the most beautiful time for creative expression. It is a great time for new technological and experimental developments by creative co-creating, sharing, energy exchange. Maybe see it as a  spherical expanding field that is filled with all fractal possibilities constant moving, connecting and disconnecting. It is a constant moving and expanding in awareness and consciousness of unity creation.  The creations act as circular or vortex like connections that come together and create at one point and expand into something else from that point on, or it is like creation that re-creates itself into circular motions.

Nothing is related to time just related to the now. This makes it possible to be as a  fractal or creation in or out this field into constant other fields that we in this linear time would describe as past or future. Also there is no dimensional limit to be in and this makes it possible to be in multi-dimensional levels or in more than one place or creation in the now. There are no patterns that is not the right way to describe it. Because the “patterns” in 5D  are not only repetitive but also constant changing. The new message of today I posted of finding a new field of magnetics is one those implications of the new.  I call creation fluid creation. As it can act in those many forms a fluid like water can appear: steam, vapor, droplets, ice, snow. It is also possible to see the dynamics of fluids and how they behave. Together with the factor of having  no linear time, no space limitations and no linear thinking,  it makes that creation is constant changing. All that is can be (co-)created, re-created or newly formed without limits but only emanating from the unity field.

This is what I understand at the moment of now what 5D creation must be like.  In all that creation from the unity field expressed via unconditional love from the heart lies the creational force.

Make 5D happen as You being creator, as You being love in action, being You as I AM force creating  and c0-creating our new reality in 5D as the new golden age of Aquarius and the new paradigm.

Love you all,

Love and Light,


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    Excellent post, Lucas. I absolutely agree!