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Beloved Family of Light!


Today, on the morning after the event:

A most luminous day, not only because of the sublime and blue sky and the most brilliant  radiance of the New Sun, but also because of the palpable radiance of a New and Enlightened Consciousness in the atmosphere of Mother Earth! The air is sparkling with joy and excitement and each single cell of my body is breathing it in!

Yesterday evening, a few hours before the Great Event, there was a sudden rush of cool and whitest light, illuminating my heart and chest and throat with transparency. And I knew I had to walk on Her beach.

There It was, and I took into my heart the powerfully expanded Sky, Utterly Pure, Who increasingly melted deeply into the arched horizon of Her ocean waters. I was imbibing  the merging of both, while Earth completely received and became One with the Love-Presence of the Sky. It was not possible to see where earth ended and the Sky began. It was a dance of Infinity. Such Love was in the air, such Deep Silence. And such was in the subtle worlds the preparation and heralding of the Most Sacred Event, the Event of the Galactic Alignment.

Barefoot I was caressing and loving with each step Mother Earth’s Beautiful Sacred Grounds. I knew that She wanted Her children to witness this Great Event, and loves our service in assisting her by channeling the Great Currents of the Heavens into Her Inner Heart.

This was the Magnificent Prelude to what I experienced at the supposed “time” of the  actual alignment.

I began to sit in formal meditation about 60 min before the event. Immediately I fell  into a deep mindless state, my body felt in an instant empty and transparent. And in another instant I felt like levitating, about 20 cm above my seat, as the body felt very very light.

This state seemed to go on forever. No thoughts, as if I was merely transparent to a greater Reality. And if this Greater Reality had  fully taken over this body-mind.

Suddenly I became aware of my assembly point, which has been described in the traditions as a small ball, and I moved it around slightly and very carefully, and while I did so, my awareness changed accordingly, moving me into higher dimensional vibrations. However I was very careful with this, in order not to suddenly arrive in other realms, somewhere, from where there was no return, as I felt, this was NOT the time, to leave earth for good!

Then I went into the Sacred Space of my heart for the time of the  actual alignment.

In there I experienced the Most Sacred Sexual Union of Beloved Mother Earth and Father Great Central Sun.

SHE: in an incredibly open receiving gesture, completely dedicated, one-pointedly and surrendered, devoted  with Great Giving Love.

HE: very powerfully holding Her with infinite tenderness and fullness, with  sweetness and all-embracing love, to Which She responded, in Incredible Perfect Union of Perfect Divine Love, Such Softness, such Heart-deep Feeling.

Such Greatness and Heart Worship for One Another, such Respect and Tenderness, such Embrace and complete Union, in which She received fully the Insemination of the Great Central Sun.

Everything was Watered by this Sacred Love everywhere, and Only Love Remained.

This Embrace took an Eternity, in my personal awareness, This Revelation of the Love of the Universes!

I was told, that ‘by direct witnessing this most wonderful Cosmic Event, the Information was now deeply imprinted in my DNA.  And that from now on EVERYTHING has changed dramatically by Such Cosmic Intimate Embrace and Powerful Love.’

‘And because many Servants of Light have participated consciously in this sacred marriage, this new imprint is now in the DNA of all human beings and will work its way to birth the New Consciousness and the New Earth.’

With gratitude I was marveling about the wonder, that this greatest cosmic event of all time was now part of our DNA. What a Divine Gift! But at the same time, it was not a new experience for me, indeed, it seemed somehow to be familiar, as if something very old had just happened again. It is the ancient wondrous and sacred marriage between the Heart of God and the Heart of Creation.

After the event itself, I continued to meditate, and again this feeling of levitation occurred. It lasted again a very long time, about an hour. I opened my eyes and saw that my physical body was not levitating. But I observed myself as if looking down on my body, not from “high above”, but rather surrounding the body, that appeared to me like an empty shell, something very strange, as my spirit had been drawn out of it.  The body was just sitting there, and I looked at it like a tool, that had not really anything to do with me at that moment.

Then suddenly a very powerful surge of energy and light crashed down from high above, to unite me again with the body. And “I” didn’t seem to exist, being again fully transparent to that energy. “I” was just a kind of  boiling pot of that energy.

And then I suddenly understood: I have been taken apart, I have been dismantled, so that the usual process of the body-mind could be interrupted for a while! Yes, interrupted! And then I have been re-assembled again!

Makes absolutely sense, I thought, when my usual thinking capacity returned! An old cycle has come to its end, and a new higher cycle on the eternal spiral of evolution with a new Sun and a New Earth has begun!

To begin a new cycle there had to be an interruption, so that a new cycle could begin. This interruption took more than two hours in my case, where all mind was gone, all familiar self-identification, all memory, one hour before, and one hour after the Alignment.

After the event, and after I have been newly put together, and coming out of my meditation, I had no idea what all of this will mean. I was wondering whether I would function in the old ways. There was still this immense stillness in and around me. Indeed only stillness was there as strong, tangible presence. My whole being and this body-mind was an expression of this stillness.

As if nothing else existed, although I was writing already some details of this experience down. But this activity was an experience on another level which had nothing to do with me. However it was proof that I was functioning “normal” again.

Now, the next morning, I feel that we are clearly being pushed towards our New Destination, if we allow! It is already here! The  Great  Change has occurred, and we are heading with a new strong glorious tailwind towards the shift into a higher dimension.

It will probably not always be easy, as this occurs still in the midst of the old paradigm. As the New Light is so powerfully dominant now here on our highly Empowered Mother Earth, it might stir some greater upheavals.

But standing tall, devoted to the Presence of Love and to the now here embedded Force and Light of Cosmic Consciousness, the old house of cards will fall like autumn leaves in the wind. And with our compassion they will dissolve in our Love.

Dearest brothers and sisters, let the Celebrations of Joy and Love be ignited near and far all over our Beloved Planet!

With much love and gratitude!


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