Visionkeeper – Contemplating – 22 December 2012

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Well we all made it to our final destination. For some, perhaps many, I believe there was a bit of a let down as the day came and went. That is what 3D expectations do for us. We need to keep in mind that what transpired yesterday was huge on so many levels and I am sure being in 3D we can’t even begin to truly understand.

I think one of the simpler ways to think of what happened is to see that yesterday was the last of the five cycles of the Mayan long count calendar that make up this 25,625 year procession. Each cycle lasts 5,125 years and is divided into two parts, one masculine and one feminine. We just departed the masculine half of this last cycle and are now beginning our foray into the feminine half of the new cycle beginning a new procession.  Hopefully it will be a more peaceful and gentle journey out of war and oppression into love and compassion.We made it, we learned a great deal and soon I hope life will begin anew for all of us on our new earth.

So as with anything that makes a change, it will take some time to see the changes take hold and the results unfold. As for the shift in consciousness I would imagine this will not be such a gradual process and when that shift is triggered off I still think it will require the hundredth monkey tipping of the scales and we obviously have not gotten there yet. In reality, who really knows for certain, but I feel it is still up to us to continue bringing in the light and for the whole world to get used to living from their hearts for that is where we will remain from here on out. That is my take on what is going on, we are on a journey and it is still going forward and will continue to do so for eternity.

As for contemplation, I am doing battle within trying to figure out if I will keep this blog up and running or not. The main purpose for me doing it was to try to awaken the sleeping masses and in doing so, also offer hope and encouragement during the awakening process. Waking up to truth is not easy and if I could be of help I wanted to be there. Well we have reached the magic date of 12-21-12 and so I am wondering what I would continue to write about now. If I continue to awaken people, it soon becomes ho-hum for all those who have been awake for quite a while now, if I talk in more advanced language to those old timers then the new comers will not understand. It is a big dilemma, not to mention the fact that I am a bit weary from writing posts everyday for the last year. I can only pull so many new thoughts out of my head and often times I find I must keep repeating myself. So……

What to do is the big question now. I welcome all feedback and ideas on where we could go next if in fact we do. I may take a few days off to unwind and take in all that has occurred. We have Christmas coming up soon as well and people are busy, so let’s get through the holidays and see where we stand. If I feel moved to do so I will leave a post off and will continue to post the Oracle Report unless she takes time off as well. Please enjoy your holidays and make your love the gift of choice for giving this year. Happy Holidays!

Blessings to all on this new earth,

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