Wes Annac – A Final Thought On The Power Of The 21st And The New Roles We Will Embrace – 22 December 2012

tellIf I may be permitted once more to speak on how these heightened energies are affecting me, I’d say that I’m gradually feeling the unfolding of a new role for myself to embrace, and that is one of helping as many people get through the apparently opened ascension doorway as possible.

I can honestly say that I experienced the bulk effects of the 12-21 on the days leading up to it, but even as I write this on the evening of the 21st I can recount some amazing experiences during the meditation and astral travel  I performed today, during 11:11 and at a few other independent times.

One potent and continual experience I’ve had in meditation in these past few days has been seeing a very-clearly opened third eye within my “meditative vision”. Those glittered specks and particles we can notice when attuning into the meditative, higher dimensional energies that I’ve discussed before, have been coming together and initially forming what seemed to be a merkaba or a portal, shortly before shifting into an opened eye that I can watch blink at me happily.

This has been one of the most blatant, new effects and I can likely feel and notice it now whenever going into any deep meditation. As stated earlier and as experienced today as well during meditation, I also perceived of wonderful, ascended astral landscapes and large groups of Lightworkers who had themselves felt something strong and found themselves apart of the meetings I was attuning to during the potent meditations.

As many others have said, I can feel that this date of the 21st has been more than anything else, a beginning or an initiation into an unfolding individual and collective higher state of consciousness.

At this moment, based on how the energies are treating me I should say that I will probably take a few days off from writing or posting to recalibrate and rest a bit, but you can bet that I will still be around and will be committed to this work more than ever because as we are being told, our processes are not fizzling away and are rather stronger than ever with the coming and passing of one of the most important dates in our ascension history.

I am so excited for 2013 and the spiritual advancements it is to bring us, and those of you who felt strong effects on and around the 21st or feel you may be now embracing the role of “Gatekeepers” after having experienced strong effects, should know that I will be returning after my recalibration period with further instructions from our ascended brethren on how you can best fulfill your positions and hold and anchor the Light while holding the space for the ascension doorway to stay open.

Our focus is now more important than ever but for at least some of the remainder of this month, I will be readjusting, resting and recalibrating and I encourage you to do the same, because we will emerge very actively and further build upon the wonderful change we have already Created.

The point I wish to continually drive home about the period directly [and not so directly] after this important alignment is that our work is not to stop now and rather, it is to increase dramatically and exponentially. Templates we have established will be built-upon in 2013 and every aspect of our work will expand. For example; more and more channels and clear lines of communication to the higher realms will emerge and the influence of the Light will continue to grow strongly and flourish.

Current channels and spiritual writers will continually broaden the scope of their influence and the potency of material they bring-forth, and the collective energies will at long last begin to reflect the hard work we have put in which will not get harder, but will become more necessary and refined than all the work we have previously done.

So take some time to rest for now, dear Lightworkers and ascending Gatekeepers, because our work has truly just begun. I will be resting for now and when I re-emerge, you can bet it will be in an even stronger, more enthused and more refined manner. I truly can’t wait to see where the coming weeks and months take us. Thank you all for the progress we have already made; this movement could not have advanced to the stages it has without you!!!

Wes Annac – Feeling pre-Galactic on an energetically-displacing evening.

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