Bill Ballard – Light Body IS Seen In Photo And Videos – Thanks Dieter Braun – 23 December 2012

Uploaded  on 23 December 2012 by pearls2u Thank you Dieter Braun for your video showing how to see one’s auric field using the YouTube filters. Look at the bottom of this message for link to that video. Someone pointed out that body star that is my aura from yesterday’s video I posted. As I go back to previous videos I see that violet flame around my head and hands, as well as light dancing around my chakras seen in vids from just before Venus Transit 2012. That’s pretty cool to have the confirmation of that I have described to be seen in the videos and by simply tilting the monitor screen to see how the light plays around the body. Thanks brother! LOVE!  Dieter’s video that shows aura on digital camera

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