Blossom Goodchild – Update – 23 December 2012

blossom-blog-new shortHi there one and all.

I have not and will not desert my post.

However    … This is how it FEELS for me right now:

I had just a few more pieces of the jigsaw to add so as to complete the puzzle.

Yet … instead of them falling nicely into place as expected … the entire puzzle got knocked to the ground.

Fortunately large segments have remained intact although lying on the floor. Other pieces have been detached from where they belonged … yet remain close enough to see where they easily fit back together again. The rest remain splattered all over the place … and I’m not sure when I will get the strength or indeed the inclination to consider putting them back together again.



I love the puzzle too much to leave it unfinished … scattered all over the floor … when it has given me so much joy.

I shall complete the picture … come what may.

My blog should give you some idea of where my thoughts are at and what I am mulling over … for indeed … each to their own truth . No one is right or wrong.

I send my Love and my thoughts to each one. Those who are doing good and those who are not doing so good.

Little to say right now …

Many thanks

In Love Light,

Blossom G


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