Christina – Living The Light – Our Golden Merkaba – 24 December 2012

dodecahedron_9_big_a_5002Golden Merkaba

Here we are moving through a magnificent period in our evolution. All is in a continual motion towards our recognition of an event that surpassed all understanding. We read, watched and listened to scores and scores of material, insights, projections and of course, we heard our own inner intentions.

Our primordial thoughts served us well, in that, what we recorded in our original imprint came into play. What we thought, heard and felt came to pass. Review your personal legend now. What was your intent for this passage into a new time? Did it support your expectations? Are you any different now than when you started out on this journey?

What is the purpose of this time marked for eons by the record keepers? Was it a myth, was it contrived, did it offer any purpose to further you along your way? What if the purpose was to inspire you to not create any more limiting stories in your personal matrix.

This episode in our evolution and transformation, is about not believing our myths as truth. One of the pioneers and experts with regard to the hero and heroine’s journey was certainly Joseph Campbell. It appears that we have indeed just moved through a cycle to once and for all disconnect the loop of mythes we originally created to entangle us. This entanglement snagged us, some over and over, through lifetimes, preventing us from not realizing our light. Instead we lived through the limitations of our unawakened potential.

For those who know of, and accept the premise that we chose our destiny story before our birth, and this story, line for line, is held in the Akashic files, then perhaps it was for us all along to once and for all peer into these files so we could masterfully put these mythes aside. I wrote previously about our New Creation Matrix.

It appears enough of us on the planet held a positive tone with regard to a new creation story. Perhaps we heeded the old stories and decided to not entertain these once again in this fifth cycle.

I for one, journeyed ten thousand miles to be a part of a small group of people I had never met. I stood in a forested glade on the eve of the Cosmic Wave, holding hands and encircled by an unseen force, to activate a six-pointed human/divine Merkaba that indeed created a new field, a new matrix, a new story.

This circle of love shifted into a spinning heart, a palpable heart-force was created. This new heart matrix was felt far and near. I spoke to a dear friend in Washington State the next day and the first comment from her was, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She felt the Merkaba spinning and activating and began to speak of what happened. She did not know what I, or we, were doing at that moment across the oceans and timelines many miles away.

I came to be a part of this, a vow I took eons ago, with the rest of these people who also traveled to this exact geographical location. We sacrificed much, left behind much, and did not question our choice whatsoever. Each of us committed to doing what it took to be here. We also engaged in a final journey, much like a Shamanic journey to finally retrieve that hidden piece of ourselves that was ready to dissolve.

This was a profound catalyst and courageous act on our part. After we each cleared these final pieces collectively, we felt love as we had never known. We grounded this in the glade and we began a new journey.

It is the journey of living the light.

Above you will see a golden six pointed Merkaba. Hold fast to this visual image for this is who we are.

I send my love to all and know that each of you are where you are to be exactly.

I am in joy and love,

Oma Ola Oma in Denmark, Australia

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