Lucas – Merry Christmas – 24 December 2012

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heart-light-600xLucas : Let the Christ Consciousness help you by healing your wounds and bring you back to your heart. You heart  that never loses out on unconditional love that is all there is in you and everywhere in all  for ever. Let your heart be from now on your center of thought, creation and unity that shines through you by sharing, co-creating, healing, helping, being  in service to all that is for the benefit of all. You are Love and I love you all. Have a wonderful feast of light, joy and happiness,  Merry Christmas.

One response to “Lucas – Merry Christmas – 24 December 2012

  1. beautiful expression coming straight from the heart …
    wishing the joy of the season, and of the new earth, to you and your beloved ones … ❤