Lucas – The Paradise On Earth Is You Creating It, So Stop Seeking, You Are The Creators – 24 December 2012

creatorWhat is seen over the world is in the last part of the year that  people all over the world have their feasts of light and celebrations to welcome the peace on earth, the new light. It is the Sun returning to lengthen the days again.  In the new re-birth of the light, peace and harmony we still not see that the message is:  ‘We are the creators of heaven upon earth’.  Remembering that we are just all that is and nothing is outside the present moment of now will give us the insights that we need and we always had.

The seekers will need to stop seeking. The followers need to stop following. The believers have to stop believing. It is all there for you in you and that makes your c0-creating with all others the reality your living in. First and foremost you create your own reality. If you want to give your creational powers away to someone it is you doing so. If you seek that power that is within you, outside of you, you will keep searching. If you believe you have need of  something or someone to be in your life , helping you or saving you, than you are believing that, nobody else does this.  It is projecting your own divinity outside of you and saying it is something else that you need to worship or have permission from to be or do whatever it is.

There are no gurus, beliefs, patterns, there is no salvation by someone, there is no leader to lead you, there is no commander to command you, there is only you that is. Being present here in the now as You without being in thoughts connected to past or future is what is important. This allows you to get within and feel your heart to be talking to you. It says  you are that creator you where searching for to create that paradise on earth you always wanted. Get to know you have all that is to your disposal to create that paradise. It is the knowing not the believing you are that creator that lies within. The unconditional love from your heart emanating will show you y0ur connection to all that is and that you also are. So make this feast of light a joyous and happy moment knowing you are divine.  Be that peace and harmony that your are  and be that love you are in your heart unconditionally as you are that perfection in the moment of the now. The paradise lies within you waiting to be created by you with all others in co-creation upon earth.

Love and Light,


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  1. ❤ Could not agree more dear friend. Thank you! 🙂

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