Natalie Glasson – 21st December And Beyond Update – 24 December 2012

Natalie_Glasson_Twelve_Rays-130x230So much has been occurring since and before the 21st December 2012. The energies have been so intense in my experience and continue to be so as we enter into each new day. I feel my guides strongly around me guiding and supporting me at this time and I know it is the same for all of us. We are very much loved and supported at this moment and always in our ascension.

The weekly message is due today and I am being told by my guides that they do not wish for me to channel because like everyone I also need to rest and process the energies to support my spiritual evolution at this time. Rest, relaxing, loving ourselves and connecting into the energies are extremely important at this time, I am being told by my guides. It is important to follow your inner guidance as to what is appropriate for you to achieve and so I am following my inner guidance that it isn’t appropriate for me to channel at this time. In my wish to support each of you at this time I wish to share some insights that I have been made aware of by my guides.

The first is that Archangel Metatron tells me that the intense energies we are experiencing now anchoring into the Earth and our beings and activating from within us will not lower or disperse. The energy vibrations we are experiencing now are the new vibrations of our beings and the Earth. Over the next few days, weeks or months we will become accustomed to the energies and so it will seem as if the intense energies have withdrawn but it will simply be that we have become accustomed to the energies and are therefore ready to receive higher and quicker vibrations of light and consciousness for further spiritual and ascension awakening. It is important that we allow our physical body to become accustomed to the energies as quickly as possible to allow us to remain balanced and to process the consciousness that is awakening within us. Rest and breathing expansively will assist in the integration process.

On the 21st December 2012 I experienced so much energy that it felt as if a new world was forming from within me, I felt so excited and as if the world and its vibration had truly transformed even though everything around me seemed through my physical eyes the same. Even now I can see and sense the change in my perspective and the vibration of the Earth; I feel we have to be patient to allow the new vibration and the awakening it brings to merge with the reality we are so familiar with. This transition may occur so slowly that we do not notice the world significantly changing around us and within us but in terms of our evolution it will be an intensely speedy integration. On the 22nd December I felt tremendously tired and emotional as my body struggled to cope with the energies in regards to being unable to eat and sleep, an overwhelming feeling of loneliness grew from within me to be released. I feel that the energies are so intense that everything within us is being brought into the light to allow us to truly be beacons of love, light and Creator consciousness on the Earth. Today on the 23rd December, I am feeling much more grounded and centred which is allowing me to reflect on all that is occurring. Time seems to be non-existent and a feeling of nothing in the physical reality having any importance is obvious to me at this time.

My father, Neal, very rarely channels but today shared channel that now is the time for the true work to begin in regards to our spiritual ascension. He shared that we are in flux and that we now need to realign our energies with the Earth. The Earth is ascending but ascension for us as humans on the Earth is not automatic anymore we have to hold the intention, ask for it and follow the guidance within us as to the steps we need to take at this present moment to be realigned with the Earth’s energies, therefore entering into the next dimension and fully embodying our ascension in a physical reality in order to allow ourselves to take the next steps of our evolution. I am sure he will not mind me sharing this with you as it seemed to me very important and a truth that needed to be share with others.

For me it truly feels as if we are in space which is almost like a holding ground. I remember that I channelled about this being a time where we will be incubated in the energy of the Creator. To me it truly feels this way, we are being nourished with so much light but we now need to, as Archangel Metatron has said, take more responsibility for our spiritual evolution. We can achieve this by choosing to ascend, choosing to make our ascension and to be realigned to the Earth in a new and appropriate way that supports our soul’s awakening and our service to the Earth and Creator.

Archangel Metatron shares an affirmation that we can use in meditation to assist this process and shift.

‘I now choose to be completely and absolutely aligned with the new energies of the Earth and the Creator with ease, harmony and perfection. I now choose to ascend in these sacred energies of the Creator that are surrounding me. I ask for love and support from my guides, soul and the Creator as I completely choose the reality of ascension on the Earth.’

Archangel Metatron also wishes us to know that our energies and the Earth have shifted but they must now shift again to become truly aligned once more with the Earth, the new energies, our new vibrational beings and the Creator.

The incubator period that was spoken about in one of my previous channellings is a platform from which we can choose the reality we wish to experience on the Earth and the steps that we wish to take. We have to choice to stay as we are, to enter further into the physical reality, to ascend (meaning that we remain in our physical bodies but continue our spiritual evolution at an accelerated rate of embodiment of the Creator). We have the choice of how we wish to be of service, what tools and powers we wish to access, how we wish to experience the Earth and whether we choose to accept a merge of the physical level with the inner planes.

So what do you choose at this sacred time when all opportunities are open to you?

But remember that your choice needs to flow from your heart and soul. With your choice and your intention set you will find that it is easier for you to feel grounded, balanced and at one with your reality. You do not have to be elaborate with your description of your choice, simply choosing to continue your ascension in the most loving, expansive and limitless way is all that is required. I encourage you to do what feels most appropriate and guided at this time.

To me it is as if we are being asked to affirm our devotion to our paths as light workers in order to open up to more and more light.

Wishing you a most sacred ascension time,

I love you all,

Many blessings,

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