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Natalie Glasson – 21st December And Beyond Update – 24 December 2012

Natalie_Glasson_Twelve_Rays-130x230So much has been occurring since and before the 21st December 2012. The energies have been so intense in my experience and continue to be so as we enter into each new day. I feel my guides strongly around me guiding and supporting me at this time and I know it is the same for all of us. We are very much loved and supported at this moment and always in our ascension.

The weekly message is due today and I am being told by my guides that they do not wish for me to channel because like everyone I also need to rest and process the energies to support my spiritual evolution at this time. Rest, relaxing, loving ourselves and connecting into the energies are extremely important at this time, I am being told by my guides. It is important to follow your inner guidance as to what is appropriate for you to achieve and so I am following my inner guidance that it isn’t appropriate for me to channel at this time. In my wish to support each of you at this time I wish to share some insights that I have been made aware of by my guides. Continue reading

Libera – Luminosa (Debussy) – 24 December 2012

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Lucas – The Paradise On Earth Is You Creating It, So Stop Seeking, You Are The Creators – 24 December 2012

creatorWhat is seen over the world is in the last part of the year that  people all over the world have their feasts of light and celebrations to welcome the peace on earth, the new light. It is the Sun returning to lengthen the days again.  In the new re-birth of the light, peace and harmony we still not see that the message is:  ‘We are the creators of heaven upon earth’.  Remembering that we are just all that is and nothing is outside the present moment of now will give us the insights that we need and we always had. Continue reading

Lucas – Merry Christmas – 24 December 2012

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heart-light-600xLucas : Let the Christ Consciousness help you by healing your wounds and bring you back to your heart. You heart  that never loses out on unconditional love that is all there is in you and everywhere in all  for ever. Let your heart be from now on your center of thought, creation and unity that shines through you by sharing, co-creating, healing, helping, being  in service to all that is for the benefit of all. You are Love and I love you all. Have a wonderful feast of light, joy and happiness,  Merry Christmas.

I Am Love – 24 December 2012

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Make Everyday A Holiday With This Spiritual Holiday Meditation – 24 December 2012

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Sandra Walter – Blessings From The Eye Of The Vortex – 24 December 2012

sandrabdaypic20121-300x245Many blessings to our dear Light Tribe during this incredible gateway. Apologies for not jumping online and updating everyone on my experiences here in Mount Shasta. I have been sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, meditating, downloading and spending a much quiet time as possible during these profound unfoldments of the New. We have several feet of snow here and another few feet are expected in the next few days. The snowstorms have been supportive of this internal hibernation – experiencing the truth within deep inside my consciousness. Continue reading