Sandra Walter – Blessings From The Eye Of The Vortex – 24 December 2012

sandrabdaypic20121-300x245Many blessings to our dear Light Tribe during this incredible gateway. Apologies for not jumping online and updating everyone on my experiences here in Mount Shasta. I have been sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, meditating, downloading and spending a much quiet time as possible during these profound unfoldments of the New. We have several feet of snow here and another few feet are expected in the next few days. The snowstorms have been supportive of this internal hibernation – experiencing the truth within deep inside my consciousness.

These posts may not be crystal clear at the moment, but I do want to connect with everyone in some way during this transformation. The eye of the vortex – the big squeeze of Zero Point has me in many states at once. Who knows how we are going to communicate after this passage; for the moment I AM a bit blank, blissful and beloved.

A brief overview of the last few days

December 21: Created a portal by digging a big Vesica Piscis in the snow outside. Sat in the 3 foot deep cavern with crystals and my ancient friend Daniel, had an incredible meditation filled with brilliant rays of Gold, Magenta, Emerald and crystalline pearlescent colors. Incredible vibrancy, bliss, peace. Then I felt the same sensation as I did on the 121212, the *already on 5D Gaia* seamless walk-through to that dimension. Suddenly here, then there.

The Ravens (one of my spirit animals) began to talk in the nearby trees in that chattering sound they sometimes make.  I heard loud footsteps crunching in the snow behind me, approaching the circle. At first I thought it was a deer, unaffected by our presence since we were so still. Then I realized it was too loud to be a deer walking in the deep snow. The footsteps paused right behind me, so close that I felt an embrace of energy – a simultaneous curiosity and blessing. I kept in my state of receiving the light rays and activations, which were absolutely gorgeous for me. My Self whispered, that’s not a deer.

The meditation ended after a while, mainly because the wet snow and winds were starting up again. I asked Daniel if he heard or saw what was walking behind me, and he had not heard any footsteps or sensed anything near us. When I looked around, there was nothing but pristine snow cover – no tracks, no sign of any disturbance at all. I sense my dimensional shift to 5D Gaia had me encountering another resident who stumbled upon my meditation. Either that or my recent encounters with Adama are becoming more physical; I think Daniel, who is very sensitive to energy, would have at least heard him.

The energy since the 121212 has been very sacred for me; deep sensations of grace, divinity and transformation. To-the-core gratitude accompanies the spaced-out sleepiness of not being wholly here. I understand that many of us are already Ascended, and the evidence of no veils, no illusion, no separation is consistent in my days, if you can even call them days anymore.

Everything has gone Zero Point for me, and the idea of doing or planning or predicting how long any of this walking-between-worlds will last is pointless. It is vividly unique to each path, and I fall to my knees in thanks that I prepared for this gateway in the way I did. The past dissolves and takes with it all of the heartache, turmoil and tribulations of being a Wayshower back then when things were so tough for those in service. All of that is gone, gone, gone.

Shifting Realities

December 22: Seeing more eyes-wide-open moments of dimensional shifts. Focusing the consciousness to perceive the truth as well as the changing truth. Ceremony is spontaneous, telepathic communication is coming in as (rather loud) harmonics, and old methods and practices seem just that – very old. Gone into antiquity. It was what it was, and I have no emotional attachment to the familiar when new geometries or higher levels of intel are downloaded. The past is gone, the familiar nonexistent.

I ran into a few fellow Light Servers in town yesterday – we had a break between snowstorms, so folks were gathering groceries and checking in with each other. All of us sleepy, blissful, calm and knowing that this side of the veil erases anything that we thought we were going to do. Patience and presence, patience and presence.

It is beautiful to feel and see the old paradigm fade, especially in the realm of Ascension. That is said with complete nonjudgment. I understand that many who followed gurus and 2012-as-a-business are disappointed that Ascension was not handed to them by another, or delivered as promised on a specific day, time, moment, location…there were so many misunderstandings about Ascension. I have no idea what those folks will do now, both the gurus and the followers, and it doesn’t matter. The message of 1999 comes back: This is when we stand upon the rubble and begin to rebuild HUman beings. So true in the 4D reality, however long this lasts. Wayshower missions are being recalibrated; have patience with these days of stillness. As always, respect and honor your transformation if that is what you desire.

Dream State

Technically, 4D is dreamstate. The last few nights I have had dreams of Gaia suddenly reversing her rotation. Because I AM sleeping so much, the lines between sleeping and waking are blurred. The veils are gone, so beings are around all the time. The task of tuning my perception is beautiful to me, simply because this step is finally available.

Things get very weird now, if you want to label them that way – in my perspective this is when things get normal. We are supposed to be aware of our multidimensional reality. We are supposed to have interaction with Higher Realms of consciousness. We are supposed to be able to choose what reality we want, access it, and shift dimensions with the right amount of work and clarity. it is our birthright to Incarnate our Christed Self, to merge with our Ascended Master Self, to ascend our consciousness to 5D, 6D and beyond, to partake in glorious experiences of lighter and lighter densities. REmember that the experience – the divine dream you are personally creating- is the Creator within you. The sensation of Self-as-Universe, Self-as-Source, Self-as-Gaia, is held within your Sacred Heart center and is unique to you, dear Creator-In-Carnate.

You are the watcher of these dreams and the participant, the dreamer and the dream. Your empowerment comes with the realization that dreamstate is transitional until one surrenders to Unity Consciousness. That is Unification with the Divine Self, who understands that many collective dreams exist and the Universal dream ~ Source dreaming of itself as Universe ~ has shifted into unknown territory. This means all is possible, unexplored and wide open to brand new creation. You can do whatever you want with the Shift, and this splintering of realities will show us just how potent our Creator skills truly are.

Go with Gaia

The sadness during the days of darkness may not be the departure from the old reality. My melancholy is because Gaia has left the building, and even though I AM aware of being in both places at once (4D and 5D/6D Gaia), there is an underlying how long will it take before I can join you completely. The concern dissolves, as all of my emotions do these days, into nonjudgment and acceptance of what is best for all concerned. The detachment is such a blessing.

Prior to the 121212 I had phantoms lingering about gatekeeper work – little doubts of capability because I was getting so fatigued. Archangel Michael and Yeshua stepped in at 4am one night to help me remove those last shadows of doubt. Yeshua said something very kind that night, and this may resonate with Wayshowers who have endured and transcended the difficult challenges of the past paradigm over and over again. Yeshua stood behind me, placed his hands on my shoulders and said, You have resurrected yourself so many times. This will be easier that you think.  link to original article

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