Wes Annac – The Everlasting One : A Download – 24 December 2012

wes-smallWoah! Another strong download, and I’m still feeling the effects of it. Have I said enough that the effects from the 21st are making themselves known in an incredibly intense manner already? I’ve been Loving every minute of it and each meditation seems to bring me deeper and expose me to another revelation or important download.

I will try to detail this download the best I can from my current state of pure, unending bliss, because I personally see it as a milestone in my ultimate spiritual growth that will garner an intensely-positive new perspective within me.

In meditation, going deeper and deeper and deeper, I found myself accessing realms and planes of consciousness I’ve truly never felt before in this Life. I found myself so submerged within swirls and swathes of pure, colored energy coming at me and flowing intensely yet harmoniously, throughout every aspect of my vision and conscious awareness.

Enjoying this truly blissful state of consciousness, I received a power-download of perspective, realization and information. I found myself purely connected with the all-encompassing One; the Oneness energy; the Intergalactic and Inter-Universal mainframe of supreme Source consciousness; whatever you want to call it, I felt it and I felt submerged within it. I have personally realized the One.

The One is omnipotent and all-encompassing. It is supreme yet gentle, collectively-united into One entity of pure consciousness yet on lower planes, divided. We have Created our lower realities from the One and it is to the One we will return.

The One is everything; it has Created every aspect of our realities. When accessing the One, you are literally accessing an interconnected mainframe of united, diverse consciousness. Up until now, I have connected with the energies of the Pleiadians and a few other beings who are close to my energy. Upon accessing the One, I instantly felt a streamlined connection with and the records of every race of being throughout Creation.

I don’t know all their names, of course, but I could feel them. The Arcturians, the Andromedans, the Sirians, the Pleiadians, the Ascended Masters, the Hathors… everybody. And every soul on Earth and on an infinite array of other planets as well, all connected and encompassed within the pure energy of the One.

When connected to the One, we are connected to everything. Everything that has, up until now, seemed separate from itself and each other is seen and realized in the united Light and perspective of the One. The One is how our Creator perceives of us, and this is why we are Loved infinitely and known for the One entity of pure consciousness and will that we are.

The telepathic abilities we will find and are already finding are prototypes and aspects of the method of sustained connection we will experience as a realized, collective yet singular being of united consciousness.

We are still “ourselves” within the Oneness energy and yet, we are not. We are all united and merged together to form a being of infinite knowledge, consciousness, and Love – the most important energetic building-block for expressing and Creating the Oneness energy on lower, distorted planes of reality that have themselves been bred from the supreme energy of the One.

You are the One; I am the One; I could go on and on with the examples and I’ve found this realization settled within me in quite a rapid manner. I’m feeling imbued with the Oneness energy and I just have to express it to you dear readers who may be feeling similar upgrades or epiphanies in yourselves.

I’m going to resume feeling these energies for now and if I continue to experience the amazing visions, energies and downloads I have as of yet, you will likely be hearing about it. I have to say that at this moment, everything is simply blissful and perfect. There is nothing wrong with this moment and in fact, things have never been better as I feel the unfolding of a perception I have not felt in a long, long time.

We have truly made it.

Wes Annac – An aspect of the everlasting One.

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