You Are Infinite – 26 December 2012

Uploaded on 24 December 2012 by AkyasEasu

In a similar manner, before it would be advisable to liberate man from the natural paralysis of ignorance, there should be assurance that the newly awakened faculties shall be a blessing to humanity and not a curse. Before the Masters give man the power to loosen his tongue, his heart must be purified so that the power which is given him shall not frustrate the plan of true spiritual unfoldment. This is the real reason for the periods of probationship.

During these periods the mind and heart are cleansed of those things which, if given power of expression, would work evil. When the supreme forces of Nature are placed in the hands of the newly raised initiate, his heart, his mind, and his soul must accept these gifts with divine humility without thought of self, and use them for the greatest good to the greatest number..–Manly P. Hall


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