Blossom Goodchild – Beyond 2012 – 28 December 2012

blossom-blog-new shortHere we are then! So … how was it for you? Each account of course shall be different from another’s … yet in a way … that is the beauty of it.

At first on the 21st I could find no beauty to be honest. There I was waiting … as always.

For me … I had hoped the best scenario would be this incredible Light coming in that we would visibly see and as White Cloud and The Federation had said … we would drop to our knees in awe.

I need to firmly state here and make this VERY CLEAR … White Cloud and The Federation at no time gave the date of 21st Dec for something to take place. It was ME … in my assuming that tried to put two and two together and come up with zilch!

Surely something had to happen on that date … something … anything! There had been SO MUCH impressed upon us about it throughout time … that I FELT in my heart that SOMETHING would take place. It was a bit like a wheel of fortune as to which ‘attachment’ the arrow would stop … yet surely to God SOMETHING tangible would occur!

Strangely enough … as with OCT 14th 2008 … an inner KNOWING as I awoke seemed to KNOW that the day would pass by uneventful … one would surely have to FEEL something in the air if a BIG EVENT was to take place.

My depression lasted for three days … unable to speak about it without tears … so chose not to speak. Been there in my life many times … yet very rarely these days. My three days of darkness perhaps? I became vulnerable and susceptible to FEELING the doubts and fears of years gone by. When is enough enough I wondered?

My position in this game seemed to once again be questioned … most of all … by myself.  How many more times could we Light Workers be made to look the fool? How many more times could our souls deal with the smirks and the ridicule? Not so much from those we don’t know, but by those sitting on the fence waiting to jump down on their side of it once again … knowing that ‘our’ side simply is a load of twaddle. How many more times … Truly … would we lose face? Indeed Faith?

HOWEVER … I awoke on day four with a song in my heart … well maybe not a song … a bit of a hum perhaps … which was such a joy compared to the funeral march that had got stuck on repeat!! I felt so much better  … nothing had changed overnight … or had it?

Looking back I FEEL that perhaps many of us had to go through the darkness not just for ourselves but to transmute the last remnants of much that no longer serves the planet into a final ‘letting go’.
It is now a week later. I cannot say I have transformed. Yet I can say there has been a change. A change that could go unnoticed should I choose to believe that nothing happened on that auspicious date. Yet … there is a more loving FEEING within me. A KNOWING that what I want or don’t want can be manifested so quickly now … so to keep my focus on what I do want!!

I FELT a LOVING community of souls at a gathering at my sisters on Boxing Day. Many generations shared LAUGHTER and chit chat … Babies danced as we ‘elders’  watched on in glee … ‘oohing and ‘aahing’ as we delighted in the little ones delight at the excitement of living .
I have never been one that has been drawn toward community living … I am very much a person that gets ‘peopled out’ very easily … and yet for the first time … I ‘understood’ the community FEEL. The ‘family’ that is a soul family … not necessarily the one that we chose to enter into this world with … as for me, many of them live on the other side of the world …. But a family made up of souls of all ages that have been drawn together over the years and choose to be with each other to celebrate many an occasion. I FELT blessed to be part of that community. I FELT a deep LOVE for the entire affair and all it entailed.

I FELT a deeper LOVE for everyone. That was a good recognition of ‘a change’ … I simply just FELT so much more LOVE … for me and from me.  Others aware of the ‘energy coming through’ felt the same way.

There is a creeping awareness that perhaps I put too much onus on that date for personal reasons … so that the ‘change’ would change things. An easy way out? An Easy way in?  And here I still was … having to create IT ALL for myself … Yet the dawning once again … That creating ‘it’ for myself … would ripple out to creating it for ALL.

The responsibility of LIFE cannot be brushed off with the hope that an ‘Event’ would make it easier … yet my soul wanted THE LIGHT to make it easier. I thought it would. I thought we would be washed in an energy of Love and Light even just for a short while and our ‘slate would be wiped clean’ … and we would all begin again in a different LIGHT of our world and indeed ourselves.

Over these few days … I am experiencing the KNOWING … that although it is not ‘obvious’ … it is here none the less. That ‘something’ that I was looking for … waiting for … IS HERE … and as I learn to adapt to it /with it … my vibration will keep rising.

My thoughts about ‘The Event’? (The one where we fall to our knees in awe and wonder) … That it is still to come … and it will. The ‘when’ I no longer seek …

This energy that came in (for I feel it did) will show us the way … should we chose to look.

Eventually … when we are TRULY ready … the LIGHT SHOW shall begin.

Maybe it won’t. Maybe I am kidding myself? Maybe I am in denial?

Yet this time … my heart didn’t question the TRUTH of The Federation Of Light and White Cloud … My mind did for sure , yet my heart had a KNOWING OF THEIR TRUTH.

How quickly I allowed the days of old to lure me into my fear. Yet … how quickly I bounced back.


It is in our makeup to do so.

Many may have lost faith over this last week. Yet they too will bounce back. I KNOW they will.

We are here to see this change through and we cannot do our job properly if we become and remain moaning Minnie’s.


Exactly where we are in this moment is where we find ourselves.  Do we take an attitude of gratitude for BEING HERE … Or do we choose to give in?

We cannot. I do not think anyone will give in. For this LOVE we have recovered is too strong now to turn around and go back.

We choose to TRUST IN OURSELVES and WE KNOW the path we walk is leading us home. How do we KNOW this? Because we can FEEL it … NOW more than ever.

The Federation of Light have taught me that it is all about FEELING. They have indeed taught me a tremendous amount … or perhaps simply showed me a way to recall this knowledge.

Either way … I KNOW from all the letters received that WE ARE AMAZING!

Many had wonderful LIGHTED experiences through meditation and BEING. Others … like me … watched the jigsaw fall to the floor.  Yet … it’s back on the table … not complete … yet a few more pieces in place than before it fell.

Just a few left now. Yet I FEEL it is time to leave the puzzle for a while and get on with other things. When the time is right to place those final pieces together we will KNOW.

I FEEL an excitement about my life most of the time. For I am also having odd moments of the ‘old me’ wanting to make it a struggle. How long I chose to stay in the moments is brief and futile.

What a joy to pull oneself into gear almost immediately. No more wallowing in the ‘but I ‘m too tired to be positive right now’!  Tired or full of energy … I shall endeavour to keep my thoughts in LIGHT and in LOVE.

I CHOOSE to take advantage of life’s synchronicities.

I CHOOSE to take advantage of meditation.

I CHOOSE to take advantage of good health and all that is available to assist my body in keeping well and toned and energetic.




I FEEL NOW we can look forward to meeting ones ‘better half’. The integration is happening.


We will recognise ourselves as we blend with ourselves and each other.

We have so very much to look forward to. Our hearts are telling us this.

Keep on skipping … playing … jumping (I got a rebounder from Santa) … laughing … Living in joy and … LOVING.  JUST KEEP ON KEEPING ON!

Just watch how brilliantly this plan comes together now … Piece by piece.

Thanks to everyone for their support and LOVE … I thank too … those who felt the need to tell me it’s time to get off the train … They too had their role to play. Yes … I derailed a little … but still remained on board. I AM NOW back on track … and looking forward to each and every acceleration forward on this beautiful and eventful journey.

How blessed are we? Truly how blessed are we?

Many thanks to THE ALL … THE ONE … THE US.

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays

Blossom G.

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