CLN – Ilya Sandra Perlingieri – What Did Gene Roddenberry Know? (After The Cabal’s End – Part 2) – 28 December 2012

enterprise_classic-150x150Star Trek  : “To seek out new life and new civilizations.” – Gene Roddenberry, 1966

Over the last 40 years, millions of people around the world have been fans of Star Trek. Created by Hollywood producer Gene Roddenberry (1921-1991), the initial series was televised for three years from 1966-1969. This spawned a whole series of other futurist Star Trek sci-fi shows: Deep Space 9, Star Trek the Next Generation, and countless films (now on DVD). The series has become a classic. Enthusiasm was so great that other TV programs and many Hollywood films were produced. This wasn’t the first sci-fi series [think of Buster Crabbe in “Flash Gordon”], but its cultural impact continues to be huge.

Some of the technology envisioned in Star Trek is now a reality. Captain Kirk’s communicator is now our ubiquitous (but quite hazardous) cell phone in all its various permutations. More than 6-billion cell phones are now in use globally. The gun used in Star Trek, with all its settings from stun-to-kill, is today’s taser gun –and it often kills, when it is only supposed to stun a person. Laser beams and related technologies are also used today. Last year, the London Daily Mail reported that the US Navy was testing an electromagnetic rail gun –a nasty weapon from the dark side of human nature. [Nov. 2, 2011, with video] See:

There is also a 2011 report that a US scientist took out a patent on time travel:

Just this past week, a British Columbia company has reported it is working on a cloaking fabric that will make people invisible. This, too, was part of Star Trek’s technology:

Who was Gene Roddenberry? What insider information did he have almost 50 years ago? Roddenberry grew up in Los Angeles, where his father was a police officer. Later he became a licensed pilot, joined the US Army Air Forces in 1941, and flew 89 missions. After he left the military, he flew for Pan Am and continued his aviation-world ties. In the 1950s, while he was a freelance writer for Hollywood, Roddenberry worked for the Los Angeles Police Department. Gene Roddenberry was also a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason.

Since its founding, the US has been run by high-ranking secret-society Freemasons and other deficient New World dis-ordered persons. Look at any paper US dollar bill (now worth nothing…it’s simply green toilet paper), and you will see numerous Masonic symbols. In 1791, Washington, DC, was designed by Pierre Charles L’Enfante; and the city’s architectural layout includes many Masonic symbols. Many of the highest-degree Masons (33rd degree) were US presidents. A short list includes: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Harry Truman. Ronald Regan was an honorary 33rd degree Mason. So, from the very beginning there were hidden Masonic agendas tied to the founding of the US; but we did not read about them in our history books.
Ancient Interest in the Stars

Interest in the heavens has a lineage going back thousands of years. Images in art history from paintings on Egyptian walls and Renaissance paintings do exist, although they are not included in our school studies. For example, hanging above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monastery, Kosovo, Yugoslavia, is a crucifixion painted in 1350. Visible on each side is some kind of spacecraft with a cut-away so we can see someone steering the ship. In another painting, the “Madonna with San Giovannino” shows a disc-like craft to the right of Mary’s head. This work was done in the 15th century and now hanging in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio. See these works at:

What did these artists see that are not included in standard college-level courses in art history? Why are these works of art not included even in graduate studies of the Renaissance?
The Cover-up

Since the US Roswell crash and cover-up in July 1947, there have been thousands of sightings all over the world of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). In the Roswell event, the original news stories were later changed, doctored, so the general public was never told the truth. With so many decades of independent research, it doesn’t cut it any more that UFOs are weather balloons, or some other lies. See:

There are reputable web sites devoted to keeping track of these sightings –now more frequent than ever. However, when two of America’s astronauts are on record as reporting strange objects, we should look more seriously at this. See:

Gordon Cooper:

Dr. Story Musgrave:…I_Guarantee_It.html

In April 2011, the international “Secret Space Program” Conference was held in Amsterdam. One of the top researchers, Richard Dolan (author of two books on UFO history), and considered to be one of the leading historians on this subject, was one of the speakers. His two decades of scholarly research documents what has been an on-going and covert military-government operation to hide this from the public. See:

In a very positive vein, on Dec. 16, there was a New York City movie theater showing of real UFO footage, “It’s Over Your Head”:

[Scroll down to the Dec. 2, 2012, posting on for further info.]

So to open a vital and more public dialogue –one that has been silenced and sequestered by various governments around the world– here are some questions to ask: What is being covered up, and why? We are not the only sentient species in the enormity of a vast multi-verse!

Since the first atomic bombs were dropped on innocent Japanese citizens, military and government officials have already created enormous and lethal planetary havoc by innumerable bombs –in the sky, higher up in the atmosphere, in the oceans, and on land. This lethal contamination has not stopped! DU [Depleted Uranium, and highly toxic] is being dropped on innocent civilians in Gaza and elsewhere in the Mid-East. These are CRIMES! In a very short time, my March 8, 2012, online article, “Planetary Genocide” went viral because it linked hidden agendas and the long-term grave harm of nuclear energy. Like a pebble dropped into a lake, what continues to be the grand “ripple effect” on other planets far from our own solar system? How has this terrible energy reverberated and impacted, not just our own planet, but the vast multi-verse?

In Star Trek, the Prime Directive was “do not intervene.” Their United Federation of Planets finally had joined together and peace was created. It was only the Klingons and the malevolent Borg –where “resistance was futile”– that continued to cause inter-stellar havoc. They “chipped” their captives who then became robotic Borg slaves. How far removed is that demented scenario now done to Earth’s animals and people being micro-chipped? What happens when so-called “public” officials (but with secret agendas of massive harm) on our own planet creates such horrific havoc? This IS what is going on now with an out-of-control and clandestine military-corporate-government agenda!

President Eisenhower warned us about “the military-industrial complex” when he left office 50 years ago. Those in charge are not just a daily menace to people around our own planet, but also to other star systems. This reality is one that Star Trek addressed in many of its episodes. Gene Roddenberry was a Mason and insider who most likely knew this covert agenda. Star Trek, I believe, was created to prepare us for a day, down the road, when the inevitable news, that we are not alone, would finally come out! That belated day is now.

Today, we still continue to get corporate-government dis-information, deceit, and decades of deliberate mocking of credible reports. This is the way the elite insiders denigrate serious and independent research. However, going back to the 1970s, and the release of so many documents through US Freedom of Information [FOIA] requests and serious independent investigations, we urgently need to re-evaluate in a public sphere what has been hidden from us about Extra-Terrestrial Life. As John Lear, credibly America’s top pilot [holding all 150 FAA qualifications] notes: “You have no idea how much you don’t know.”(1)

Here are two documentaries and two websites to give you a re-evaluation of what you think you know:

1. “50 Years of Denial”:

2. “Moon Rising”:

3. After Disclosure:

4. The Majestic Documents (confirming UFOs):

In addition, Dr. Steven Greer gave up a lucrative medical practice 22 years ago, to focus his life’s work on “disclosure” –the deliberate cover up by various governments regarding contact with ET’s and the urgent necessity of reporting to everyone what has happened. See:

Dr. Greer’s new documentary called “Sirius” (originally scheduled for release this month) will be released early next year. The film has many interviews with those directly involved in the on-going cover-up. See:

There are also numerous unanswered questions. Here are just a few:

1. Why was a pyramid built this year in the secret Area 51, in Nevada? Here’s the link with a photo showing a pyramid built in Area 51, Groom Lake, Sept. 7, 2012 (the image came from Google Earth, via Pakalert):

2. What happened to scientist Ted Twietmeyer’s website, data4science? He was reporting on fascinating scientific questions about the universe.

Any reply from any public official is worthless.
Megalithic Structures

Other pieces of this vast hidden puzzle are the architectural similarities of megalithic structures around our planet. Supposedly (according to mainstream history), the ancient cultures did not have contact with each other. Or, did they? To look at the larger subject of ancient megalithic structures (including, the great Pyramids at Giza, those at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan, the Temple of the Sun and Moon at Teotihuacan –just outside of Mexico City– and Stonehenge), there is exciting new cross-disciplinary research being done. “The Pyramid Code,” is a fabulous 2009 five-part documentary, available on DVD and also in short sections on youtube. It is the brilliant creation of professor and author, Carmen Boulter. This is an outstanding look at ground-breaking research being done by astronomers, archaeologists, geologists, physicists, and others in diverse fields who have come together to look at Egypt’s ancient history in a brand new light. It asks us to be open to re-evaluate what we think we know about this ancient civilization, based on compelling new evidence. As someone who has a lifetime interest in Egyptian archaeology, and gone on digs, this is evidence we never learned in college or graduate school. Even the new textbooks do not cover this. I urge everyone to see this documentary.

The ancient Egyptians had a civilization for thousands of years –far longer than what we have now with some governments only a few hundred years old. New dating of the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx show that they are much old than we learned. The technology used to build the pyramids was so far advanced, that even today, it cannot be duplicated. With new and independent scientific evidence, it is no longer credible to believe that thousands of Egyptian slaves dragged thousands of two-and-a-half ton precisely cut stone blocks up wooden ramps. Thousands of years ago, what did the ancient Egyptians know? There are also many pyramids in Mexico, Central and South America, and India that also figure into the larger picture of a pyramidal “grid” around our planet. What was covered up or deleted (possibly by some cataclysmic geological event)?(2)

There is a very long history of silencing visionaries and whistle-blowers. Astronomer and physicist Galileo, the Father of Modern Science and observational astronomy, was threatened with Inquisition torture in 1633. At age 70, he was tried for heresy and had to recant to the Catholic church, so he wouldn’t be burned at the stake. According to the church, his crime was that he believed the earth was not the center of the universe. In the words of the papal tribunal:

“The proposition that the Earth is not the center of the world and immovable but that it moves, and also with a diurnal motion, is equally absurd and false philosophically and theologically considered at least erroneous in faith.”(3)

Galileo’s book, “Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems,” supported heliocentrism, the view that the earth moved around the sun. This book was banned by the church until 1835. Court politics and Catholic doctrine were a deadly combination for any courtier who veered from any accepted views.

Nothing much has changed in the intervening centuries. Thousands of scientists today are threatened, or disappear, or die under mysterious circumstances, as did whistle-blower and scientist Dr. David Kelly in 2003. There has never been a proper British coroner’s inquest into his death. Dr. Kelly was the world’s leading authority on biological and chemical weapons. None of the official statements from British officials or the press add up. It appears that there has been another massive cover-up.(4)

In our 21st century, there are very few independent thinkers. Today’s multi-national corporations are the updated version of the aristocratic power of Renaissance royalty and bankers. However, today’s banksters still hold enormous power. That combined with corporate-controlled research (with massive black-budget funds) is tied to keeping universities afloat. The entire US education system is rigged and now in a state of collapse (as part of the bigger picture of planned economic implosion). This controlled scenario hardly makes higher learning a place for original thinking –unless it’s tied to what the corporations want. We cannot make any informed decisions about our lives and the future of our beleaguered planet, if we do not have accurate information. The education system and the media are controlled, so we remain in the dark about what is really going on.

The corporations/elite/cabal are running our planet, Gaia, into the ground. That has been their secret plan; but it will not be implemented. Far too many people around the globe now are informed about what these secret agendas are. The internet and courageous independent scholars and investigators have posted thousands of well-researched articles about our real and hidden collective stories. Although not reported in the US mainstream news, Iceland broke free of bankster debt; and millions of people have taken to the streets in Europe to peacefully protest the theft of trillions of euros and the destruction of their economies.

The banksters have been controlling economies and science for a long time. One hundred years ago, scientist, engineer, and inventor Nicola Tesla (1856-1943) was hounded and destroyed by J.P. Morgan (after Morgan had originally bankrolled Tesla’s research) when the latter realized Tesla wanted his electrical research to be available as free energy for everyone. Tesla is an unsung science hero. See:
Where Do We Want to Go?

We are at a pivotal time on our planet. Those in charge have been lying to us for centuries. In my own personal experience as a 2003 FIRESTORM catastrophe survivor (who independently researched the mainstream “reports” of this 1-million-acre southern California nightmare and what actually happened), we were deceived from the very beginning; while a supposed “blue-ribbon commission” report later published was a total distortion. The lies we were told were massive! There were 14 arsons; and we had supporting evidence of who set them. No one was ever held accountable. People were threatened (including myself), and all of it was covered up.

This is a theme-and-variation of the epic tragedy of 9/11 and many other false-flag “events” that were created behind the scenes to cause chaos and fear in the general population. Social chaos, perpetual debt slavery, and wars all have been created by the cabal leaders. Fear is the way they have controlled our populations. Our his-story has been created by insiders with secret agendas that have distorted our understanding of what is actually happening right now and what has happened in the past. More well-documented research has been posted on the internet exposing the links between the cabal, high-ranking Masons and European royalty (including the Queen of England), bankers, the Jesuits, and the 147 multi-national corporations that actually rule this planet. The global economy is rigged from the inside. See:–the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html?full=true&print=true

A new 5-part series on the Federal Reserve private banking cartel, which has destroyed our economies and the eight controlling families, was published this month online. Here is part 1:

In this past week, we have come to the end of several ancient epochs and major planetary shift. Now, as we enter a new age, it is imperative that we are informed of our true collective stories and how they have been suppressed, and what role benevolent ETs have played. It is imperative that we all have all the accurate news and TRUTH of a galactic nature. Instead of contrived Hollyweird scare stories, there is enough real evidence of the long cover-up of contact with ETs.

There are several websites devoted disclosure and to looking at what Dr. Alfred Labremont Webre calls our “multi-verse.” See:

2.Galactic Free Press:

3.Cosmic Vision News, with Geoffrey West:

Those of you who know my books –and my decades of digging in obscure archives to get to the real evidence –know that I have written online articles that are well documented. I know from my recent archival research that hundreds of years of historical evidence has been deliberately covered up, including the original 13th Amendment to the US Constitution (now totally gutted). The “current” 13th Amendment is not the US Constitution’s original one. The “new” one is the abolishing of slavery! The new Lincoln movie perpetuates the lie. Historical documents have been changed and deleted illegally and without our knowledge.

It is time this dialogue about visits from benevolent Extra Terrestrials was in a public sphere. There is so much mounting evidence of distortions and deliberate lies as government policy; and it is long past due for us to know that we have star neighbors who will shortly be visiting us. Any intelligent beings who have the technology to travel such vast distances, also have already understood deeper meanings of life. If they wanted to harm us, it would have happened already. The vast harm we experience daily on our beleaguered planet continues to come from those in charge with very malevolent agendas. The ripples of nuclear explosions that have harmed all of us for almost six decades also have gone out farther to affect other sentient beings in solar systems far beyond our own.

There are benevolent ETs that have technology that can and will make our lives far easier. It is corporate and government collusion and sequestering of this monumental news that is for their benefit –not ours! Richard Dolan speaks of this in his 2011 Amsterdam lecture mentioned above. We no longer have to be kept in the dark and at the mercy of deceitful policies of harm. As I have written often, we no longer have to buy into the criminality that has been legalized and institutionalized.

As sovereign humans, we have rights that go beyond governmental control and lies. In our newly dawning era, we can choose to go in the directions of accountability, peace, compassion, kindness, caring and love. These are the antithesis of what passes for a totally broken system. We no longer choose to live our lives surrounded by deceit and horrific harm. We can transcend a lifetime of deliberately created negativity and massive injury. We can change our thought patterns –even those of a lifetime, by re-evaluating what we think we know, based on new information. Millions of us recognize this. We can have self-confidence and faith in our Higher Selves and work from spaces of Light in our hearts. We choose accurate reporting and harmony and peace to be our collective new directions. We choose to create new directions for our beleaguered Gaia based upon higher consciousness of love and compassion. The Golden Rule and ethical values are our new directions.

Please join me in getting the truth out to everyone.

“You can enjoy all the serenity in your environment and see and feel only Love and nothing else. Uplift the knowledge and standards of your Being by using this enlightenment and this huge portal and take it to heart.” – St. Germaine



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Watch one of his fascinating lectures (2012) at:

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Additional Links:

“Extraterrestrial Life is a Censored Subject Says Famous Professor” Feb. 18, 2012:

Conference on Procession and Ancient Knowledge:

Astronomy and Astrophysics:

The electric universe:

Inexplicata, the journal of Hispanic UFOlogy:


Educator and environmental writer Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is the author (most recently) of the highly acclaimed book, “The Uterine Crisis.” London’s “The Ecologist” calls this book “an inspiration.” Her Los Angeles lecture this past August, “The Assault on Our Health; Environmental Illness and Aerosol Pollution: Connecting the Dots,” was live-streamed on the web to 30 countries. link to original article

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