Sophia Love – 2012 : Our Magical Ending – 28 December 2012

1856170Let’s imagine a world where everything is fair.  Looks like someone in Hollywood already has – This movie comes out in June of 2013 (preview shown below):

And here is a group of people who have been gathering our wealth for us, waiting for the moment when it can legally be returned (Peoples Trust 1776):

There are other groups as well.  Pick a part of life you’d like to be different and join them!

Its time to dream, with only one requirement, every dream has a glorious ending.

It is our time everyone, we have come to create a new world.  We have loads of help; we have each other.

Just love.  Imagine paradise.  Intend for the universe to handle the details.  We hold the key to everything we’ve ever wanted.  Let’s use our imagination; it is our greatest and most powerful tool.  Emotions are the key so stir it up!!  See it, feel it, taste it, touch it, smell it, be it!

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

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(Okay, and here is one more …. because I think we have a little help from other places as well, and this just makes me smile…)

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