Visionkeeper – 2. Faith.. – 28 December 2012


In keeping with what I wrote yesterday, today on the list for creating what you want is faith. Faith in the book was defined as follows: “faith is a state of mind which may be induced or created by affirmation or repeated instructions to the sub conscious mind through the principle of auto suggestion.” Sounds very cold and calculated to us spiritual beings, but in essence is that not what we are doing when we have deep faith regarding something?

We find ourselves saying things like we can do this, we will do this, we will hold the light etc. Essentially the same thing just thought of in a less calculated way. So along with a strong almost obsessive desire to rid the world of the dark evil and have our freedom back, we also need faith that this WILL come about. We must ignite our passion and desire to get this mission done and call in our faith that we can do it. As the author said, “Desire backed by faith knows no such word as impossible”. There is no room for doubt in this process! The people he writes about in terms of securing great wealth, never once allowed doubt to enter in and alter their belief that they would succeed. Abraham Lincoln had such a desire. He dreamed of seeing freedom for the black slaves and his dream was made manifest. He did not stop to doubt if he could accomplish this feat. He had faith he could and he did. We can as well! Instead of freeing black slaves we will free humanity.

I guess first we must decide what we want to accomplish and put it into our mission statement. We can’t be vague like I want freedom for the world. While nice to dream of, it does not go to the heart of the desire and pin point what we must work on to get the final result. I would suggest that we go for dismantling the foundation of the dark one’s world. A structure without a secure foundation will not stand up for long. In  my opinion this would be done by removing ourselves from the matrix that supports and funds their activities. That said, it seems a good mission statement  for us could be to make manifest getting the whole of humanity to not comply and gently resist without any means of violence. Our vision then becomes, simply put, to get humanity to stop complying and begin to find ways to exist without needing what the dark ones have to offer. It still seems too big a plan and in need of whittling down to size. I’ll keep working on this. Be patient.

To not comply is the most direct way to bring them to their knees for there will be little they can do without our money to fund their evil. This will bring down the corporations who depend upon our consumerism to continue buying their products. So lets take food for example since it is key for our survival. We need to eat Organic. I can hear people now saying ” Sounds great but I can’t afford Organic food.” Now comes in what I mentioned yesterday. You can’t keep doing things the same way and expect change. Remember, we can do anything we put our minds to, have a desire to do or have faith we can do. We can’t have everything stay the way it is and expect change though. I live on a very fixed income and yet I eat organic food. How? I make it my priority. I don’t go out to eat, I don’t go to the movies, I don’t buy new clothes unless absolutely necessary and then it comes from second-hand shops, I don’t waste money on such bad habits as smoking cigarettes or drinking etc. Health is a priority for without our health we have nothing and the dark ones are destroying our health as fast as they can. By cutting out the frivolous living, I am able to maintain my organic lifestyle. Compromise is a must!

Faith is the second key to being successful in any endeavor we take on.  So we need a strong desire to regain our freedom through non compliance and we need faith that we will succeed. We need to build up our faith through repeated suggestion that we will succeed! We say it and think it over and over again. “We will succeed at getting humanity to stop complying.” Yes this is the work part of our mission. Nothing will happen without our giving ourselves over to it in some way, by making time to set the steps in place so we can use them to complete this mission. we set our mission and we eat, think and breathe it into being. Yep, it’s work but freedom will not come to us for nothing. How much do you really want your freedom? Be completely honest with yourselves. Face the truth right now, you cannot stay doing things the way you are now, so it’s a big leap. Do you have faith?  We have become a lazy society and expect a great deal for so little. We need to answer this question for ourselves. You have to have a strong desire to commit.

Blessings to us all,

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