Wes Annac – The Pleiadian High Council And SanJAsKa: You Are Finding A Galactic Experience Of Enlightenment – 28 December 2012

asdll -Channeled through Wes Annac-

This message, as well as one from the Pleiadian Council of Nine that will be forthcoming, were channeled before the 12-21 alignment and having been so busy and then wishing to take a rest, I have not been in a position to post them until now. Much is discussed in this message, but it is not entirely current to the “after 12-21” period we are in now. Even still, I thought it to be helpful. [The Pleiadian High Council speak first.]We are watching you dear souls undergo your temporary Earth experiences from our Mothership, and from this ship we hold many meetings amongst ourselves and with the rest of the Galactic Federation as well as numerous other Lighted Organizations assisting in the ascension of your world.Each and every Lighted Federation and Organization who is assisting in the ascension of your world are working together to help see-out such ascension and while we are all doing what we can to help your planetary collective evolve and find the unity and harmony you have always been meant to find, we can only intervene so much and would not want to be seen as interfering with your freewill experience in any way.

This has been one strong reason we have not yet made contacts with your world [in this day and age] and while many may see the perceived lack of physical contact in your current society as “proof” that we somehow do not exist, we ask you took toward the undistorted records of your history and see the personal contacts we have made, as they have been documented throughout the various ancient societies we have contacted in your Earth’s history.So much of your history has been distorted but with the power of your internet, you are now able to find the truth but even with the internet we remind you to exercise discernment, as there is much disinformation floating around that is meant to paint us or the Angelic souls assisting in your ascension in a bad Light.For example, we are fifth dimensional entities who exist in pure vibrations of constant joy and harmony and as such, there can be no gruesome or negative vibrations manifested or felt around us for any reason.Our Crews do not experience any violence, negativity or destruction as those are all lower energies which are yours to deal with and transmute. You cabals cannot reach or even touch our energies [nor can any negative interests] and are in fact, attempting to evade our presence whenever possible so that they do not feel our Lighted energies which will encompass their aura and display their darkness to them.While the cabals have fed off of the darkness they have attempted to manifest, were they to find themselves in the vicinity of our energies they would find much of the negativity driving their continual actions against the Light, transmuted fully.This is one reason that the cabals have not wished for our presence on your world, because they know that the Light energies we bring will help to awaken and enlighten humanity and see you all on a fast track to discovering all that has happened on your world, including the many contacts we have made with various societies throughout your Earth history.We have made contacts with your most recent society and this issue has been discussed to the helm, but you will find in the time ahead as disclosures and revelations make their way to the forefront of the collective conscious and subconscious, that we have truly been with you for every bit of your history and that the personal contacts we made in your forties and fifties are indeed real and have been documented, though the documentation has been suppressed.

With the power of the Akashic Records which is like your internet but much more grand in the magnitude of what one can access with these records and how many souls can access them; we will be able to show you dear souls every moment of your history and this includes the maelstrom that the Earthly cabals have manifested and attempted to have the collective of Earth maintain throughout various periods of your history.The Illuminati as they are called in your current society, have taken many forms and incarnations and while their most recent one is beginning to become recognized by many dear awakening souls, they have been around your world for much of your history and they can be seen as responsible for many of the tyrannical regimes of your history that, for the most part, you hear very little about.If you do hear about such tyranny, it is usually presented in an entertaining Light with distorted facts and recounts about what actually happened in such times. Your world is seeing at present, a rehashing of your history through your entertainment outlets with the real facts taken out and the truths of what happened in such times hidden while the pervading violence and lust is brought to the forefront.Your history in general is kept nearly completely from you and while you are beginning to awaken and realize the distortions that have been placed over the eyes, minds and hearts of humanity, there are many dear souls on your world who are still stuck within the lower dimensional spell of illusion and are still feeding the very mindsets, heart sets and concepts that drive the illusion but we say that you have the amazing power to transmute any dense or negative vibrations that are thrown your way by the collective of Earth and this, dear souls, is your very mission for being on the Earth.

Each and every one of you are playing specific roles in the ascension of the Earth and will be playing specific roles in the rebuilding of your world in the time ahead, and whether you realize it or not, you are all anchoring supremely-pure Cosmic energies unto the surface of your Earth and you are helping the Earth to climb back into the vibrations of the fourth and fifth dimension by doing so.Even right now, as you dear souls absorb this communication and later on as you find yourselves doing other things; you are and will be anchoring Light that is so very pure in structure.Anchoring the Love you know and can find within is not all you dear souls can do to anchor the New World unto yourselves. As has been discussed, it is important to display the New World in every action and interaction toward one another.Treat everybody around you with the respect and Love that they deserve for they are you and they are our Creator, incarnate in their own individual, unique and specific form.

There are many dear souls on your world who could be considered unawakened or anchored in darkness, but they too are seeing-out the lower dimensional experience according to their own Life path and how they wished to experience the Earth. While there are indeed still very many souls who seem to be trapped under the lower dimensional veil of illusion and negativity, they will find their way back to Source because it can simply be no other way.You can spend as much time as you like within the lower dimensions until you know in yourselves that you are ready to exit the vibrations that drive a lower dimensional experience and find the higher realms once again, and every single soul who is experiencing a lower dimensional consciousness will eventually return back to Source in their own ways.There will be some Earthly souls who do not choose to ascend this time around and who may choose to spend their time on another lower dimensional planet that will be very similar to the Earth, and their wish to do so should be honored because we cannot expect any dear soul who is not yet ready, to find and feel a higher dimensional experience for themselves once again.If you are unready for a higher dimensional experience, it will be quite overwhelming and you may find yourselves naturally gravitating toward the lower realms that have been comfortable within as you experimented in such realms and climbed them, finding a higher dimensional experience along the way in your own forms.

The souls around you whom you may feel are anchored in darkness the most are still experiencing a connection with their Godsource and with the Light that they and you all naturally hold within; it is simply that they are experiencing this connection in fleeting doses and in their own individual and unique ways.You are all feeling a constant connection with the natural Light you carry within; with your God essence, and it is simply the level of interaction with your inner-held Light that you allow in your daily Lives that will determine your own ability to perceive of it. As you interact with the Light you hold within, it naturally grows within your sphere of perspective and you find a resulting awakening that is stronger and purer than you could imagine.Everybody within our star system is ascended and Life is experienced harmoniously everywhere throughout our star system and throughout this beautiful Creation as well.Earth is of course, not the only lower dimensional planet hosting Life but the densities that have been fed on the Earth have been some of the most intense and difficult throughout the Cosmos, which is why only the strongest of higher dimensional souls can handle an Earth incarnation and is why each and every one of you are heroes for the densities you are transmuting as you find yourselves within them, wishing for the higher dimensional experience that you are remembering at present as slightly-fleeting impressions of a much more wonderful and mystic Life than you currently experience.

The greatest aspect of the lower dimensional Earth experience is transmuting it and ascending, and the interim period you all find yourselves in is quite exciting and in our view, should be seen as such because you exist on a world of density, yet you are transmuting the physicality that would attempt to fog your minds and hearts and as you do so, you are finding a Galactic experience of enlightenment upon the surface of the Earth.Does that not just feel wonderful to envision and realize, dear souls?If envy was an emotion in the higher realms, we would be feeling it for the experience you are undergoing currently as while many of us would rather not deal with the densities that the Earth has to offer, the very idea of finding a Galactic experience of the Earth is wonderful to imagine because of the sheer density and physicality that has been employed on the Earth for so very long.Whilst you undergo your experiences, you will be taught to look outward toward physicality for any aspects of happiness or fulfillment and the fact that so many of you have now been able to look within and find a higher dimensional experience whilst on the Earth is nothing less than extraordinary and amazing.As we turn this temple over to dearest SanJAsKa, we remind you dear souls of the splendor of the higher realms you are growing toward and of the heroism you are employing whilst on the Earth.

You are all Love infinitely and beyond measure, and we will be with you always.[SanJAsKa steps in to communicate.]Greetings, dear souls, I am SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine. I am speaking to you with my energies attached to this communication as well as the energies of each Pleiadian Council who is here with you all today.You are all Loved infinitely and beyond measure by each one of us existing within each of these Councils, and I wish to build upon what was said of your heroism by our dear High Council and recount the densities that many of you have come to your beautiful, brimming pre-Galactic world to transmute.Your history goes much farther back than the colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria, dear souls and you experienced many lower vibratory cycles before coming to the point of establishing Atlantis and Lemuria, finding a contact with us and reaching the pinnacle ascension-point that was attained by Lemuria but not the city of Atlantis.Awakenings attempted to beckon forth in various time periods after your Earth fell into the lower vibrations and plenty of individuals found these awakenings, but the majority of the collective only continued the climb to lower and lower dimensions until the first, second and third dimensions became the prevalent realms of experience.

We watched as your planet descended lower into densities that we eventually had to leave your world because of [as we were unable to exist within such densities], and the original souls who caused the fall of your Earth into the lower dimensions have since signed over to the side of the Light and are assisting us in righting that wrongs that were perpetrated on the dear Earth.Your experience of physicality as it stands at present is the result of a calculated plan to drive Gaia further and further into the lower dimensions, and for freewill-based reasons we were not allowed to intrude upon the thoughts and mental impressions of the Annunaki or their helpers who were pushing the world into darkness, because they were existing within lower yet mentally-intelligent states of consciousness that saw them existing within the freewill [distortion].We could not interfere with their freewill to know the plans they attempted to bring forth on the surface of the Earth and when a very important treaty was signed, the Annunaki turned themselves and their plans over to the side of the Light and experienced a strong form of “containment” that saw their perspectives change.With their natural perspectives turned back over to the side of the Light, the Annunaki and various other formerly-negative races joined the side of the Light and have been helping us to neutralize the cabals and bring your world back into the brimming vibrations She was once accustomed to.

Because of the nature of the densities that have been manifested on your world, you are all dealing with and going through calculated darkness and density that you knew would be difficult to undergo and transmute, but that you are now doing with much grace and ease.It took you so very much effort to reach the point you have now reached and this is why we ask you to “give it your all” and anchor the pure vibrations of Source unto your world as much as possible, because you are reigniting the real and true experience of Gaia that was intended to be had in the first place.You are reigniting the higher realms as they become more prevalent within your sphere of experience, and we as well as Gaia thank you all from the bottom of our One Heart for the enormous sacrifices you have made, all in the name of helping a dear lower dimensional planet to ascend after having been dragged down into lower depths of consciousness.Gaia Loves and cares for you all so very much and wishes to allow your freewill experiences to play-out, no matter the density they cause on Her surface and this is why She has allowed the calculated density to manifest on Her surface. While the souls who planned for such density to manifest did not have any thought about or care toward Gaia when they were making their plans; with the exception of a small fraction of your Earth cabals, these souls have seen the Light and as soon as they realized the harm they had caused on Gaia’s surface, they begged for Her forgiveness which of course, She happily gave!

This is because Gaia is a Loving planet who truly does not judge any dear soul, even those who hurt Her personally for their own reasons and gains.Gaia Loves each and every dear soul beyond measure, and She thanks every one of you who are incarnate on Her surface and bringing through the Light that is restoring Her to Her pristine, fifth dimensional condition. We congratulate each one of you as well and will continue to, because our Love for you is so very strong and our appreciation and admiration is just as strong.With the Annunaki and their perceived minions turned over to the side of the Light, we hope you understand when we express how near to achieving your ascension you truly are because the key souls who were attempting to prevent such an ascension have turned over to the Light and the cabals whom such souls guided along their plans of enslaving your world, are themselves experiencing pure forms of containment and are finding themselves unable to enact the darkness that those generations before them had planned to be enacted at this time.You will notice that there have been very little false flag attacks or natural disasters on your world with the exception of hurricane Sandy, which was intended to clear negative energy and accumulated density from the areas of the world it affected, and this is because we have been stationed in your skies helping to stop such things if we are allotted and it is as well because your Earth cabals simply have not been planning them with the desperation that they used to.

There was a time not too long ago for your cabals, when they found themselves very desperate because they would not accept the fact that the Light is now the prevalent force and influence on your world, and they found themselves trying any desperate act that they could to gain a last-ditch grab at hurting humanity or attempting to make their “reign” known. (1)This was around the time of the Olympics on your world and the same desperation and clear display of their perceived reign that they showed in such a time, was because they knew that the end of their reign has come and that rather than continue in the agendas they had planned, they were to be taken from the Earth and their influence taken out of the collective consciousness of your planet.When this happens and every Earthly cabal head has been [fully] removed from the vicinity of your world, the collective consciousness of the Earth will feel so much lighter and the density that clouds and fogs and minds and hearts of so many and attempts to get you to feed acts of darkness, will naturally be lifted away from you.Humanity will begin to find the unity that you have always wished for and deserved, and you will all find yourselves realizing your inherent connection to you God essence, which we will continue to discuss as you realize this connection more and more, individually.

There are many souls who will be offered the chance to see the Light and find and feel the higher realms for themselves once again which will naturally garner in them, a perspective of wishing to help the world and expose truths that the collective of Earth will benefit vastly from knowing.Some of these truths you may not want to hear as they entail gruesome vibrations that have been manifested, and we hope to get the most difficult of revelations out of the way so that you dear souls can absorb the truths we will have for you; of our contacts with your world and of the incarnations of the Ascended Masters and various angelic souls on your world, as well as so many more truths that will open and expand your perceptions and see you remembering what reality truly is.For you see, you have been entrapped within and convinced of a physical reality that seems very fixed, concrete and unchangeable and the suppression of much of your history is feeding this density that seems so concrete.When you realize that most of what humanity assumes is impossible at present is not only possible but has happened numerous times throughout your history, you will wonder how you had allowed yourselves to be entrapped within the densities that reinforced a reality you thought you could not interact with and change.Our dearest scribe is nearing the edge of tiredness and while him and we as well would Love to continue informing you dear souls for as long as humanly possible, we will now exit this line of communication and remind you that you can all find us within.

There is nothing stopping you from reaching within yourselves and finding the higher realms as well as each of us existing within these wonderful-feeling realms, and you will find that your entire reality is a facet of your inner-realms and can be molded and shaped to fit the experience you wish to have.Listen within for the messages and encoded impressions from your guides, for we are all with you and we could not wish more for you to find yourselves in the vicinity of our energies. You are all Loved beyond measure, and it is with this Love that I and we all salute you.

Thank you to SanJAsKa, and to the Pleiadian High Council.

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(1)-Let us not forget the most recent last-ditch grab at enforcing and feeding negativity on the part of the cabals – the tragic shooting in Connecticut.There are still small, broken-up factions of the cabals who will attempt to orchestrate these things and if I can be allotted to make a note here, a lot of people have asked why the cabals would be able to orchestrate something like that in these times and why the Galactics seem to be unable to stop certain things, and from what we’ve been told it seems that we’re reviewing the most gruesome and destructive of freewill-based energies that have been fed by humanity for generations.This world has experienced some gruesome vibrations in the past and if one pays attention to the world’s reaction to this recent tragedy while being able to look past the sadness and mourning, one will see that humanity is beginning to come together and express collective Light and Oneness and of course, the awareness humanity is beginning to garner after such tragedies is already building and growing. We are realizing the need to end our access to such violence and destructive weapons and we are seeing in general, that the old ways and laws are not working for us.This, I believe, is why the Galactics were unable to stop the Sandy Hook tragedy; because they were prohibited from interfering with or especially stopping, what is ultimately to be a freewill-induced lesson for humanity and an attempted “wake-up”. Those dear children are Angels and heroes for the awareness their tragic deaths are to garner and as has been said in the past, they would not want us to be in mourning and sadness.I think they would want us to embrace anything that puts an end to the manifesting of future tragedies of this nature.Truly, these are lessons we have to learn as a collective and the Galactics cannot perform our freewill-based work for us, nor can they interfere with it. They can, however, stop manufactured natural disasters or destructive false-flag attacks that have been unsuccessfully attempted far more times than successfully; because of the help we’re being given.

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