Bill Ballard – For Those Frustrated With Their Personal Ascension Fizzling After 12-21-12 – 29 December 2012

Uploaded on 29 December 2012 by pearls2u Now this is too funny, to me anyway. I had time to look at so many blogs and postings speaking of 12/21/12 and persons who are disappointed in their personal ascension as they don’t feel like anything happened or had a small taste of bliss but then lost that… As I have said soooo many times now, GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD! Your’e playing in Ego when you do that and that IS the lower vibrations! To experience the constant bliss of ascension you MUST SHIFT TO YOUR HEART FULL TIME, and use the head to process the illusion you wish to manifest… NOT the other way around. Do Di Do Di Do…. I’m laughing as it is so easy to do, and that makes it so easy to miss for so many persons… Be In Your Heart! Be LOVE!

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