Lucas – The Spinning Backwards To Go Forward – Contradiction In Terminis – 29 December 2012

bikeThe new messages of the denial that things have not happened on the 21st December are coming in masses. Also people who said to be “lightworkers”  and to be in unity still get not their fears out of their way and  keep clinging to their attachments in 3D. They still create new obstacles and obstructs or create new limitations and dogmas, religious follower groups that state to be only love.  It is not wanting to confront their egos and attachments that lets them deny to see their true selves from going within in their hearts.  So people in 3D mind thinking still are confused what is needed to get change on the way. What it is not is to still play out the old paradigm in the old 3D thinking way. It is by looking to create new things, solutions from a new paradigm and 5D perspective that we will get change.

This perspective is not changing the old accordingly or fight the old with its own weapons.  It is about making new ways happen that work for all and doing things from the highest vibrational perspective you can. All those ascended beings and or those that shifted, (as you all already are but still are ignorant of) are going to make this happen in the coming now moments.  When you have not felt or seen the shift you might look within and see if you’re not fooling yourself by staying in your ego, or  if you’re clinging to the old stuff and or if  you are still  attached to money, materialism, etc. Stop thinking what others want or want you to do, say or be.

You are the new paradigm forming  it from your hearts connection towards the source of unity in all. This means not your just a brainless drone that acts from a collective unity consciousness. Nope. You are yourself as the creator your are in 5D expanding your field and finding other vibrational equals (humans) on your way to connect and c0-create, share and be with. What you all do is being from that base level of unconditional love from your heart express, do, be, create, share everything. All is about equality and unity but not about being drones.

You are all unique but still you are  all interconnected to source in the unity field.  Go co-create with all those like-minded and like-wise energetically resonating with you towards a new 5D world. Others will follow the new creations and see that this is what they also can do and have without any problem. Just make the switch ………… Your heart and unconditional love are keys to find your new connection to communicate with feeling your and others vibrational field, creations, even feel their thinking and minds expressing, their visual thoughts. But you will see and experience all those new gifts and possibilities already available to everyone,  when you can perceive them fully.

The spinning backwards in going forward is about making a leap of  forward just when you have been pulled back into that old that you really want to see change. Change only happens in the now. It can only be done by you the ones that came here to experience and be in this shift to make things happen. The is not an instant 5D switch and all is as you all would love to see it. You had again lots of expectations. Lots of thinking and reasoning. You had  lots of time to debunk and ridicule that what now seems still what you need to do, going within. Change does not come from outside you. Nor will it ever. There is no god, leader, ET or whatever you thought or believed that would save you or lead you or would do all things for you.

Be the unique authentic Creators that co-create all for the best of all in unity. Go for it and stop working against your own heart feeling  that tells you what is your path to go.  Stop being in ego, being that externalized you. So there is no contradiction in terminis.  Learn to fly in 5d and explore without limits and boundaries what you want in an ever-expanding field of unity and oneness.  Be love in action. Stop keep selling yourself the old duality cycles over and over. Step out and leap forward.

Love and Light,


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