Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 30 December 2012

hilarion2Beloved Ones,

The air is alive with wonderment and magic. There is a pervading feeling of the anticipation of something wonderful coming. You have arrived at your destination and are now settling in. The changes within you and in your personal lives are occurring on the subtle levels of your Being rather than in dramatic shifting into a whole new reality. This is as it should be, in order that those you are traveling this adventure with have time to notice the difference and become aware that something profound has taken place.

These changes are taking place continuously within each of you. There are rhythms and waves to the downloads of energies, so that assimilation can occur before the next onslaught. Become aware of the ebbs and flows of this process as they occur and it will help you to know when to expect the now familiar symptoms of activation and assimilation. Listen to your body elemental during these times and follow the inner promptings. Many of you are experiencing increased drowsiness throughout the day and it will help to honor this feeling by actually lying down or sitting quietly for a short time in order to allow integration to happen with relative ease.

This process you are currently in is likened to the cocoon stage of the life cycle of the butterfly. A greater integration is taking place with the higher aspects of your Divinity and this will require the use of all your senses, most especially your intuitive faculties. You are learning to follow the inner promptings of your heart rather than listening to the incessant chatter of your mind which seeks to maintain control of its domain which has held you in bondage for millennia. There may be periods of great discomfort and unexplained anxiousness that occur. Observe the thoughts that are coming forth and you will understand that your experiences from the past which has already been experienced and is now gone are parading in front of you for a final review.

Simply watch and allow and acknowledge that these experiences helped you to get to the point you are now at. It is at this point that you are truly learning who you are. The time honored adage ‘know thyself’ has great significance now. You are all in the process of separating that which you truly are (divine) from all that you are not in order to arrive at a greater harmonization within. This incubation period varies with each individual as awareness comes to each. Every soul is afforded the opportunity to acknowledge all that no longer works for them and to create a new pattern to follow that will take them in the new direction they desire to create.

Give yourselves this experience with no judgments or questioning, for all that you have experienced was a necessary part of your unfolding. Most of all, Dear Ones, love yourselves unconditionally, with all your personal quirks and patterns of expression. There is gift in all that you have experienced, for yourselves and for those around you. Releasing modes of behavior that no longer serve the path you are choosing will accelerate your new journey into the unknown territory that is hanging poignant before you. Love each other as the One loves you, as we love you. It is all good!

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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