TheOne-DreamDreamer – Pains And Lightness Of A Re-Birth – 30 December 2012

stock-footage-macro-view-woman-opens-eyes-with-change-focusIs waking up really a once in time? And what does it entail to really wake-up? When you wake up from a night sleep, don’t you let go of ALL that was in the dream? You do not hold on to few things, not even if the dream was the best you ever had… it still was a dream. And as a dream it dissolved. You open our eyes and what was starts crumbling away into far away memories… gone.

Why should this waking up be any different? That what seems a long process of waking up is but the instant amongst the last breath of the dream state and the first breath of the re-birth out of the illusion. As long as a single part of the dream seems real, you’re still dreaming. And re-creating your perceived reality in a way that supports your dream and justifies it. Each and every thing you try to keep re-creates the dream over. And claiming to be more or less awaken makes little sense in Truth, for you’re ether in or out of it.

How long can you hold the breath?

In truth, that new inhale has already been taken and the dream has already dissolved. Only it’s tail of memories is still making it appear real to you. Nothing else but the past you keep re-creating based upon our dreaming experiences.

Any, and thereby I mean any time you expect, communicate, believe, think and act based on what you think you know and use it as real, you re-create the past. Usually to control the future outcome. And thereby loose Truth. A missed chance to open your eyes to what is Real.

Truth has no beginning and no end, it has no past and no future. Allow yourself to be re-birth through that new inhale by letting the whole dream dissolve, envision your perception fade and dissolve, all places, beings, hate and love, joy and sorrow, all of your experiences! Allow it to fade into nothing and look at the Miracle of Creation as it unfolds your New ever Being Self.

I will not share what happens at that precise moment, for it is your moment. I can share what happens after that moment, when you realize you’re still sleeping, for you know that this world is still here, but all its meaning has changed and your dream becomes a lucid dream. And a choice comes up for you to make. What do I choose to see? Truth, or illusion?

One may think that choosing Truth is an easy choice, thus it’s all but easy. It entails the constant awareness that all you live, think, experience is, in fact, not real. All you thought and fought for… looses any meaning. You become the observer of your dream. And at moments, you might wish to go back into the deep dream simply to feel those feelings only humans seem able to feel, to get some illusionary time… Some more breaths…

Oh you’re at Peace! but at the same time you’re still pretty alone. Reaching others seems becoming increasingly difficult. More and more you begin to Feel again, and those Feelings give you all information you need, for words are simply frames to imprison feelings and do not give them any real meaning. Feelings become fractal patterns of Creation, they Live and Share and Expand, whereas words have a beginning and an end, Feelings transform in one another constantly. And you re-learn that you are those feelings, those informational patterns of Life. And where can you find others with whom to share those Feelings you became? Who’s able to simply connect with you in silence and share and expand? Yes, you find out how to Be from the inside out again, you begin remembering the right direction of the Spiral.

It’s a state of Light Being, thus it’s a state of purgatory, where you still do not remember all as the dream is still in you. Your Feelings and perceptions start seeing through the veil, thus your references are still anchored in dreamland, your compass still shows four main directions, whereas you also live infinite space and time… it’s the confusion of the new born. It happened when you opened your eyes here, and it happens when you close them to be reopened Home.

Trying to use the old system is useless, as even by trying it will not work, it simply turns out to be completely useless. Asking others to confirm your state of being… makes no sense, for you already Know, all of you is telling you and confirming you all you need. All choices you made become clear, all your letting go of parts of the dream in order to keep some of it -it looked sooo nice!- and that person, teacher, lover did exactly that, helped you to keep that little part of the dream you did not want to let go. And it helped you learn when it dissolved over and over again.. for nothing in the dream can last… it’s a dream.

Now’s the time of going through the birth canal… you gave your last breath in the dream and your eyes are opening… let them open. Even if you already know, in this lucid state of dreamland, it will all disappear, you also know that as soon as that air will reach your Heart, you will miss nothing as nothing was real in first place.

Be ready to open those eyes beloved ones, be ready to gain all that is, for nothing less is already yours in Truth. Let your eyes close and be re-opened Home. Happy Awakening!  / link to original article


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