Wes Annac – Internal Or External Focus? It is A Balance – 30 December 2012

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A reader sends in a great question about where exactly we should put our focus in these changing times. I have said before in previous articles that it is now pertinent for us to put all of our focus within and toward our ascension, rather than solely looking outwardly toward our channeled sources or toward physical events we’ve been told will manifest.

I’ve felt before that a lot of people are putting way too much focus into external events manifesting and into the channeled sources helping us to evolve, and that the ever-important inner-connection has been forgotten.

However, our reader offers a very good question which is essentially: does such a perspective invalidate the help we are being by the Galactics and Celestials? Were we to turn our focus completely inwardly, then should we even follow the impressions of the Galactics or care one bit about external events on our world?

Many of us are here to lift this world up and help impoverished peoples to find abundance and comfort; does solely turning within invalidate this work or somehow take our focus away from it?

Essentially, we are exploring the results of where we put our focus. To discuss both sides of the dualistic pole – were we to keep all of our focus on the external and physical events playing out, we would have less time and energy to focus upon our inner growth; the growth of the soul. We would be constantly scanning material from the next channeled or Earthly source and we would continue to fashion an outer-dependence on channels and external news.

This is something our channeled sources do not want, as they do not want to be painted as “savior” figures and have stated endlessly that it is we who must do the bulk of the work to help our planet rise out of the lower vibrations. Again, our reader’s question was of the nature of such work becoming invalidated if we were to always turn within, which I will discuss as well.

I do feel that it’s more important to be focused and attuned within than without.

As I have not stated in previous writings, however, that does not necessarily mean we should not put any focus in our external reality as indeed, there is a lot that needs to be done and the help we’ll be given will focus on repairing the damage wrought in our physical reality. So I do recognize that staying constantly attuned within could take our focus away from external matters of importance, and I insert the opinion that, as with many subjects that have been written about, a necessary balance should be employed.

I do not feel you should hang on every word said by the Pleiadians, the Hathors, SaLuSa, Hilarion, etc. and if you want to skip reading a few channeled communications so that you can turn within, meditate, and feel much of what is being said by such sources yourselves; that is not only honored but is in fact important.

I’ve seen a lot of people put all of their focus and attention in a certain few (or many) channeled sources, and I’ve watched many hinge all of themselves on the words spoken by a channeled entity. I strongly feel that the communications of the Galactics and Celestials are not intended to be used in such a manner and rather, are intended to give us advice along our ascension processes as well as updates about our external reality.

These are matters that the Lightworker public will greatly benefit from knowing about, but the problem has been the amount of focus we put in the “channeled sources” aspect of this movement. I’ve discussed this in the past and perhaps allowed myself to play into the dualistic other side, by claiming we should put every last bit of our focus into our inner-world.

I do feel we should put the majority of our focus into our inner-world. We should focus inwardly as much as is possible while still attuning to events playing out in the physical and, if you are one who reads and appreciates channeled material, still reading such updates. Our very definition of what channeled sources are meant to be or are supposed to do, however, should perhaps be changed.

Channeled sources will continue to tell us of external events playing-out in our reality, as will they give general predictions as to where our world is headed. I’ve recently communicated with the Pleiadians in a manner that reinforces this notion. They will continue to give us the outward help we desire while keeping us informed about Earthy matters from their vantage point, but it is we the Lightworker public who must change the amount of energy and focus we put into what we’re being given.

I’ve read so many channeled sources who’ve stated that they can be found within and that it’s important for us to attune inwardly, because how can we find ascension if we have not even found our inner-Selves?

Obviously, this does not invalidate the help they’re giving us or their updates about our external reality, and what I wish to express is that we must find a healthy balance of absorbing channeled material/focusing on external events, and turning within and placing our attention where it needs to be placed the most; in our developing inner-realms.

When the Galactics are here, they will help us repair our world and hopefully, the majority of us will have learned to turn within and will have treated the communications of the Galactics and Celestials as they were meant to be treated; as appreciated help along a path that is ours entirely to Create and experience, but not as a “holy doctrine” we should follow with every bit of ourselves.

This, of course, also does not invalidate the work that so many have done to introduce us to channeled material or discuss such material in writings, and we have in fact benefitted from such things. Just as with channels, the spiritual writings are helpful and necessary but should not be solely focused upon. They should be appreciated though.

Our experiences will naturally be out of balance if we have not properly turned within, and this is so for those who may rely solely on outside sources. However, we should not throw the help we’re being given out the door, because there is indeed much we can benefit from by receiving continual updates from ascended souls with a greater vantage point.

I would suggest putting one’s inner-realms and inner-experiences at the absolute forefront of one’s perception, and allowing the channeled or written spiritual material to take a backseat. Taking a backseat doesn’t mean exiting the car – it just means taking a backseat. Eventually, we will be rebuilding this world and will be focused with much of ourselves on the external but by then, I have a feeling that we’ll all have developed internally and will be able to keep the balance employed.

I should mention as well, of course, that our external and internal realities are merging. So by the time we’re repairing our world, we could be placing focus not on an internal/external reality, but in One merged reality.

For now, in my view the inner-connection is more important than external focus. This doesn’t invalidate external focus, per se, but does make allowance for the fact that some have perhaps sought externally a tad too much, and could be doing an injustice to their personal ascension processes.

Remember – we’re here to help the Earth which entails external focus, but we’re also here to find a personal and collective ascension and we cannot do that by solely reading or following channeled sources.

The balance of inner and outer focus is most important, as without this balance we could find ourselves tipping toward either respective end and I will admit to having done so in a previous writing. Truly, remaining only focused within will not hurt is spiritually, but will see us not possessing the outer knowledge of contemporary events that some place importance in and that will be important when repairing our world.

I hope I’ve been able to answer this inquiry in as precise of a manner as possible, and I thank our reader for a stimulating question.

Wes Annac – Happy to help, but not to lead. You must lead yourselves!

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