Lucas – LAST UPDATE Of The Old Year 2012 – Time For The 10th Day Of The New Paradigm Year Or 1st January 2013 – 31 December 2012

leapA Lot has happened and that I will not address as it is past. For me NOW is just the moment we live in and shall live in, if you shift truly also in 5D mode.  The new year 2013 start or 1oth day of the new paradigm after the 21st December 2012 is about finding the thru you within. Find out that your the authentic you, that has a connection to unity and all that is.  You have become a part of a new to explore paradigm of 5D that is build on an ever-expanding energy, being you, and a dimension of 5D that ever is expanding. If you know perceptions change everything than you have made a start in changing.  Our world is not about time anymore. It is about us living really in the moment of  NOW. This means we are living in the past/future and present all at the same “time” in the NOW.  Also space and our connection towards how to perceive things, create and be are different in this new paradigm.  It is not anymore about linear thinking or thoughts that relate to from a to b or c. The world is not perceived anymore in the known patterns, dogmas, education, upbringing, religion, beliefs, rules. It is a world that is different. 

If you have that total connection to your opened and activated chakras, but foremost your heart chakra via the unconditional love that is found there towards  our source (also know as god, creator, the being, the great spirit and so on) and that  is part of us as we are part of source, your are in full 5D.  All people and Earth even our universe has shifted towards 5D and has been doing this since years. We have been altered in vibrational frequency all that time and gone through changes in our bodies.  The 5D being  that you are makes you can connect with all that is on a vibrational level. It is like talking in energies.  The energies you connect with resonate with you for a reason, to communicate, to co-create or to have a relationship for example. You also (c0-)create with those energies that what you express and bring forth into manifestation in a form. (a thought, a story, a painting, a skill, an object, etc.)  For this is our real future perceived in the NOW moment that we will get and experience. The unconditional love you do and perceive everything from should make you (co-) create all for the better of mankind and our universe. The keywords are sharing, inclusive,  unification, equality,  oneness, no ego, no boundaries, no more duality. It means for certain having all sorts of new possibilities to explore, live and be. It does not mean you are one with a collective consciousness that makes you a drone without an identity and only doing, thinking and obeying that collective.  You have ascended or shifted to 5D within your bodily vehicle intact that was the unique thing about it and not without reason. You are created to be reflections from source/god/creator that live their identity or energy signatures to the fullest as source wanted to have those experiences.  Source wanted us  in 5D being living in a harmonious perspective of balance between all.  Balance in male and female energies, balance in all by having no energies that dominate.

So it is also about new types of working, creating  and being together. There are no boundaries as told and there is balance in all.  This means  learning to see we can have relationships without having attachments in having or needing or whatever. No rings, no paper, no ownership or claiming. There is no sexual orientation in 5D as all is just an energy exchange in a sort from love. It is not anymore about focus upon physical attachments of the body of the loved one in first place. Everything is an energy exchange in a way that is build on the maximizing of the potential of the authentic self in the unity field from unconditional love sprouted.  This means open relationships, open source creation, open-minded creational thinking All is based on total creative powers to be but in relationship with unity with all and in all and also in relationship with balance in all. This is more like we in 3D thought of being harmonious, in equality, in peace in everything. The new will be a challenge.  You have learned to create rules and patterns to do things and have been brought up and educated, had a culture or religion, or belief  and have been manipulated by the mainstream media to think and behave in certain way and all that is not relevant anymore.   It is not that you can not use certain things as such, but you can  not use that from the perspective of duality. If things are needed to be created in unity and oneness that may perhaps  have a certain set of parameters to make that happen.  Those parameters are not there to hold power or create a boundary, but are there to make things have a certain form or have a certain experience.  It is like telling to a bunch of atoms that stay in a certain way together to make a drop of water.  See also that those parameters are in 5D available. Things are always changing and moving forward in the expansion of the exploration of everything in 5D.  It is a continuous process that builds around vortexes and circular communication in multiple ways.  Your behavioural patterns are changing as well as the things you knew and have relied upon in 3D are no more. So you have now really a new frontier to explore.  The bouncing forward and backward is still now at hand for a lot of you as you can not find the space of creation in you at the moment of now and in your heart connection to source  that is oneness.

We will make things happen eventually for all of us and mother earth when all of you can see  and experience what 5D is.  It is about re-thinking all and re-building things, co-creating things in a new way without the old paradigm. Things are already happening as  people resonating on higher levels and consciousness. After the shift those are grouping up to begin creating new ways in 5D mode.  Just see it and be part of it.  Get the old out of your system and be the new.  The NOW is here.  It is like learning to fly first time. Make that giant leap over that cliff and see you can fly in that new environment and make love in action your new motto. So lots will change and happen in 5D as we are the ones that are gonna create it. We might have help from other like wise lightbeings as we are.  But it is our task first of all to start creating our new 5D heaven upon earth our selves.

Love and Light,  have a nice leap  into 2013,


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