Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 31 December 2012

Arcturian-GroupmarilynraffaeleGreetings to all who are drawn to the Arcturian messages for we welcome  you with great love and light, dear ones.  We see your disappointment that all did not change on the day you had determined was to be a day of  much manifestation.  You must realize however, that  much of what you expected was of your own  creation.  Many of the predictions from pure channels will indeed  manifest, but only as  mankind embraces more truth and light.  Much has and  still is happening, but on a third dimensional level  you are as of yet unable to see it.  Many  are feeling these higher frequencies but do not fully understand what they are feeling.  Some are experiencing unusual physical issues at this time that are actually massive clearings of old energy, preparing the physical to become crystalline and lighter.  Change is gradual, but is definitely taking place. 

You may find yourselves becoming  aware of subtle changes in the attitudes others– many of whom you thought of as being very stoic and rigid in their beliefs and you will say; “How did this happen?”.  Well those  changes in an individual’s thinking are the result of new energies now  silently and gradually penetrating  world consciousness, dear ones.  New and higher frequencies of Light energies are  pouring in and if you open yourselves to receive, you will.

You may find that  much you always held dear, simply doesn’t seem  important any longer.  This is a sign that your consciousness is changing and you are no longer resonating with those events, people, things, foods, etc. that heretofore seemed very important.  Many experienced this with the recent Christmas holiday.  It  did not seem the same as you remembered–the lights not so lovely and festive, the gifts not quite so important, and  activities felt somewhat boring.  These are signs  that you are shifting dear ones,  shifting into new awareness’s and new energies.  Recognize these experiences as signs that indeed much is happening.

Try not to keep alive those things  you have outgrown simply because the world tells you they are important.  Many tried and true world beliefs are simply that, concepts and beliefs with no basis in reality.  Trying to keep alive traditions and ceremony out of habit or guilt is indeed keeping yourselves locked into all is old and finished and will not serve to help you evolve.  Trust your intuition, trust that you are being guided, and trust that you are indeed one with Source and therefore must continue in your journey of awakening  however long you choose it will take.  The child must at some point put away the treasures  childhood  and embrace the treasures of the adult.

We would like to speak to you of love dear ones.  Of that connection between all living things.  We have often spoken of love, but feel that it is important to again emphasize that all are in and of the One Divine Consciousness and this connecting energy is what you have termed love.  Depending upon the state of consciousness of the individual, this connection will be interpreted and take on many meanings.  For some love is limited only to family, friends, and  those who believe the same as they do.  For others, love is sexual attraction and nothing else.  For some love is nonexistent, they feel no connection at all to other living things, and in being so cut off from reality, these poor souls lash out at all other living things.  They know  something is missing, for the spark of the Divine is forever within each one, and yet having so deeply buried it, they cannot understand what it is they are missing.  These are the dear ones that do horrendous acts of violence, for they have allowed themselves through choice, drugs, beliefs, past life experiences, etc. to become totally cut off from truth.  These too, will eventually awaken for all are in and of the Divine, but it will take many lifetimes and much help for them to climb out of the hell they have created for themselves.

Love, pure and simple, is the connection within  ONE, of all things.  That is why the gross misuse of mother earth and all her parts is  old and un-evolved energy.  Gaia is a living being.  Plants are living beings, animals are living beings– all within the One omnipresent life.   As you evolve you  begin to more clearly see and understand this connection and it gradually (or suddenly) becomes your state of consciousness.  This is why so many are being drawn to no longer eat meat and are  trying to help animals by bringing attention to the horrendous and greedy practices of factory farming.

Those who reside within a consciousness of duality and separation,  see all other life forms as separate from themselves and this is what makes war and cruelty possible.  As mankind awakens to the true nature of life, these things will no longer be tolerated or even considered to be options.  Instead they will be thought of as being in and of a very primitive belief system much as you now think of  cave men going about with clubs.

Regardless of what an un-awakened society pushes upon you through your news, magazines, films  etc.,  always use your own intuition when judging  the validity of any topic being discussed.  View the messages through your highest awareness of truth, and feel the energy.

Trust your intuition which is being guided by your awareness of your Divine nature.

Trust, listen to, connect with, and move ever more deeply into  that  which is.

I am that I am, always have been , always will be.

But remember…so is every other living thing.

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