Teal Scott – How To Live From The Heart? – 31 December 2012

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In this episode of Ask Teal, The topic addressed is: Living from the Heart.
In this episode, Teal explains that living from the heart means to emanate your true essence. It means to become the embodiment of love, equanimity and freedom.

The heart is the first organ to appear when we come into physical form. It is the first organ which develops in a human fetus. It is often called “the seat of the soul” because the human heart is the first interface between our non physical soul and our physical body. Its electromagnetic field is unparalleled.
If we are able to get in touch with our hearts, we will be able to get in touch with our higher selves (the eternal, benevolent essence that we truly are) which is the true goal of spirituality. Spiritual life is not about knowing much, it is about loving much. It is about getting in touch with our truest self. It is about opening out heart so wide, that “enemy” is not a concept which exists in our reality. And more than that, it is about opening the heart and living from the heart to such a degree that eventually there is also no such concept in our life as “other”.

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