TheOne-DreamDreamer – How Many But You To Forgive – 31 December 2012

forgiveness-2For those I saw in guilt and sorrow, holding my vision of lack and blaming them for my own perception.

For God I put somewhere… out there… and made it similar to human instead of seeing God’s seeds in them. For believing in separation and guilt.

For sending away my dearest friends in the name of an illusion, where one is right and one is wrong, and for justifying it in the name of God[right].

For hiding from my Self and not listening to it when indeed I was able to See, but the “inner fight” was still too sweet for me to let go.

For humanity, as I made them look like stupid lacking beings instead of holding the Vision that allows Miracles to happen.

For the Earth I spoiled regardless of the possibility not to.

And for you, for all the times I did not hold you in the highest Mind of God where you already are, for you too I ask forgiveness to my Self as only I am the one that chooses how to see, live, feel and share The Vision. And I forgive myself, for I know in Truth nothing has been affected and that I still am an effect of the Cause of God, and as the Cause has not changed, so has not the effect I experience as me.

I forgive my visions of separation, despair, lack and hate, for none of this is real. I forgive myself for having seen an illusion. I give back my words for there’s not need of them in Heaven.

I forgive myself and therefore forgive all, and save the world from any guilt it ever thought to have. My Vision frees all, as your own Vision does.

This is the path of a projection. It begins inside. Share God, or share fear. link to orignal article


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