Gillian – January First 2013 – Gregorian Calendar – 1 January 2013

sunWe’ve made it to January 1 2013! Of course today has a different label in other calendars. In fact it’s still 2012 year of the dragon in China and won’t be “2013″ until February 10 2013 (Gregorian time). So how “today” is labeled depends on which calendar you believe in – except of course, if you rely on the heavens. Then you have a sky map with precise placements of planets at this moment in space/time. Regardless of calendar label this is what is.

So Not Wanting To Be A Party Pooper “Happy 2013, Gregorians!”

New Years bring opportunity for a do-over. It’s a reset – a chance to perceive life anew – It’s the “Page 1″ view of brand new sparkling shiny “time.” For this entire day we can dream of new possibilities unencumbered by weight of past perceived “failures.”  It’s “ultimate makeover” time – especially this year.

So in the spirit of “makeover” I request a shift in politics around the world, one away from the enslavement protocols of bankster tyranny and toward a Bill of Rights for all humanity and a Constitution in which governance is of, for, and by red-blooded humanity.

I’d love to see a leveled playing field, one is which people matter more than profit, and criminals no longer get all the “plumb” jobs – thrones, principalities, presidencies, premierships. No more bankster ‘n corporate pillage ‘n rape shyster meisters (yucky control-freaky toads) in “charge.” In fact, were the power granted me to wave a magic wand on this brand “new” baby day I’d delete all beliefs in an elite governing class and their citidels of corrupt power. Total erasure.  Once all beliefs in psychopaths are deleted new beliefs can form consisting of enlightened leaders with generous hearts and expansive benevolent minds.

Amazing what a simple flip of a switch in belief states can create.

Pleasant dreams.

Copyright 2013 – Gillian Chabrol Grannum, Ph.D. 
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