Ruth Ryden – The Masters Of Light – Happy New Year! – 1 January 2013

ruth-rydenFirst of all, thanks to all of you who sent cards, messages, gifts, and letters to me at this important time of year.  They all mean a lot to me.  Our family gathered at our home on Christmas day in groups so that we could have the time to visit and enjoy the kids.  It was a very nice Christmas.

Now that the nonsense about the end of the world has been realized, we can get down to the job of creating a new cycle of humanity.  The following was given to me during the night recently, and is most appropriate at this time:

 “Universal consciousness seeping into minds of men, both positive and  negative.  Making right choices is imperative for the future of humanity.  Accept changes and adjust thinking and actions accordingly.  This is the  Time of Renewal for all mankind as it has been foretold.  Each incarnated Soul has the responsibility to protect the way of Love.”

The reality of global changes happening all over the world is becoming pretty obvious as the unusual storms sweep across our country and around the world.  Hopefully, those who rule our governments will finally realize the changes that need to be made to accommodate our way of life.  OK, I won’t get into that.  I do personally feel that humanity is starting on a roll toward spiritual understanding that has been sadly lacking for centuries.  Every religion has a spark of the reality of universal consciousness, even if undermined by human need for power.  Open minds and inner connection with our Creator will ease the path into the future.

Masters, what do you see for us this coming month, and perhaps a bit into the months ahead of us?


“There is a new day coming that will change not only the shape of your planet, but the atmospheric conditions and climates all over the world.  Not all at once, of course, but you will begin to see these changes every month, every year, until they can no longer be denied.  Yes, the frequencies that surround your planet are changing drastically now, which is causing the unusual storms across the U.S. continent.  Such storms will become almost a natural occurance as they roam around the world.  China and most of the Asian continent will be experiencing hard times, very cold temperatures and earth movements in a few months that will make many changes in the government and the attitudes of the leaders.  The hot continents of the southern reaches of the planet will find temperatures turning colder than usual in the next two or three months, with grand movements.  The great jungles in Africa will be inundated with flooding from constant rainfall, forcing old tribes to seek refuge nearer the coasts.  This will be an extreme movement of populations all through Africa.  The Pacific island chains are being shaken by the deep sea movements of the plates and many of the islands will continue to lose land as the waters rise and fall without warning.  Oceans will be moving unrestrainedly as the plates move and merge beneath them.  Tsunamis will become more frequent.  Mankind has been wise enough to put into place instruments to warn of such movements.   Your planet is starting its movement back into a slightly different position in your solar system, which is causing all of this.  How long will it take to return to normal?  There is no normal.  The Mayans foresaw the end of their Normal era, looking forward to a different world coming into place.  The changes will mostly be unnoticeable for the most part, but over months and years there will be a new Earth that will be in a more favorable position, able to produce food and water in plenty for all of its inhabitants.  In the meantime, be aware of change and blend yourselves into it as new opportunities will be forthcoming in many different directions and ways.

The violence and murderous mental upsets that have plummeted humankind into fear and disturbing facts of life is all part of this.  Those who are not strong mentally fall into insanity easily and are helped to do so by the violence they turn to in television and video games that teach nothing but hate and murder.  As the world starts to work through this as humanity starts to put a stop to it, those who need help will be more recognized and helped through doctors and even new chemicals that will calm the violent thoughts and actions.   Put a gallon of seeds or small items in a round, enclosed glass globe and shake it mightily for a length of time, and the seeds will be broken and mis-matched – the results being a disaster.

It is up to humanity now to look at what it has wrought, with greed and lust for power, for the need to be better than someone else, for the lack of respect from one sex to another, resulting in unwanted children that grow up in need and without direction or love.   Logic has gone down the tube, so to speak, in this regard.   Religion, as muddled as most of it has become, at least tries to teach the basic need of family and love for each other.  Sex unbridled casts away and dampens the natural close love between man and woman, denying the children produced the family life   the Creator projected for them in the first place.   It is time to see the world as it has become and turn it into what the Angels proclaimed so long ago.  Yes, they did.  And yes, it can be again.”



“It is time to open new windows to your understanding of reality.”

“Reality is that which is created by the undisputed Supreme Intelligence – the balance of all things – the harmony of all universes working in total compliance with the Will of that Intelligence – galaxies and universes being born and dying; atoms and elements being used and re-created constantly.  The stars that magnify universal energy to give life to their orbiting planets are real.  The planets are real – asteroids and comets are real, all having their proscribed place in your universe, moving in accordance with the plan for that particular space in time.  The intelligent spiritual beings created by the Supreme Intelligence to inhabit all of this vast constant of reality are also real, very real,  for they are the purpose of creation!   Celestial bodies have a certain kind of consciousness that reacts to the directions they are given, as do all of the cells in your material bodies, but they cannot think for themselves.  Only intelligent spiritual beings have the ability to think, to learn, to create and, finally, to merge with the Supreme Conscious Intelligence over all things in order to increase that intelligence and power.

Everything is in constant movement, constant creation.  No wonder then, that we have been telling you how important every one of you are to your Creator!  You are a very necessary part of that creation, a part brought forth from the Mind of God to exist in a way that will expand your intelligence, your experience, your very being, in order to bring back to the Creator the measure of your education and observations.  No spiritual being is ever thrown away because of misconduct or stupidity during a lifetime in matter, even if the being has become infused with the negative elements allowed to influence the human being.  When returning to spirit, that being is given time to look back, re-think and accept the Love again; then it is given the chance to set into motion a new concept of what it is to learn in an earthly existence and sent forth to try again.  The Creator does not destroy anything It creates.  Suicides from a physical lifetime soon learn the difference between what they think will be a release into nothingness bysuch an action and the reality of life eternal.  When they have recovered from their unwise decision, they are given Love and teaching to show what went wrong and what solutions could have been used.  From there, a new resolution is bought to life and the purpose for which the lifetime was originally sought is renewed.

The most important message we wish to give you at the beginning of this new era is to live each day at a time; be aware of what is happening, keep informed as to dangerous storms or earth movements, making your preparations accordingly, but then live with yourselves and others in a harmonious fashion.  What you learn now, day by day, in your own lives and relationships is affecting your world, make no mistake about it.  When human beings learn to love each other unconditionally, without bias, without color blindness, without hate or resentments, the changing world around you will fall into place gently and with peace.  The inhumanity being experienced all over your present world is but an echo of the consciousness of humankind being expressed in a way that you should finally understand.   It is time to listen and to bring peace to the world through your own love and prayers.

Entering this new year of 2013 does not have to be frightening if you view it with the attitude of anticipating new experiences and watching new harmonies coming into place before your eyes.  After every storm, observe the wonders of new attitudes and new inventions coming into place.  As land is covered with water, listen for news of new land rising from the depths of the sea that humanity will have fresh new soil to till.  As earthquakes change the face of many countries, realize that land that has been contaminated with negative vibrations for centuries must be turned over and allowed to be healed.

Humanity is finally waking up.  People in countries that seem to do nothing but scream at each other and the rest of the world are actually beginning to understand that such attitudes bring nothing but more tragedies and violence.  The old tribes of Europe that still wrestle with cultural instincts are beginning to realize the futility of trying to own a particular area of ground as their criteria of optimal worth.  It is becoming more apparent every day that the religious differences that keep people apart and resentful of each other do nothing to bring love and peace to the world; that their central being is created out of Love and for individual purposes.  It is not a parcel of land, buildings, computers, material possessions of any kind that bring individual worth to the incarnated being.  It is what he/she has become in this lifetime – what they have developed and learned – how they relate to each other – how far they have come on the path to their own spiritual purpose – these things are what is important.

You are surrounded by spiritual beings who are helping to guide you through these difficult times, helping to clear the way when there are obstacles, helping to provide what you need, when you need it.  Accept that their help is there and available; there is no need to feel lonely, rejected or downcast.  You are powerful beings on a journey to reality!“


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