VIsionkeeper – Change Is In The Air All Around Us…- 1 January 2013


Here we are starting off a new year in a new world. We might as well start it off on the right foot. Like the picture says, change your thoughts and you change the world! Let’s review what we have learned and urge all new blog readers who venture in to do as we have done. So what have we learned in the past year? Oh so many things where does one start the list? We began the journey by going within and learning to really know ourselves. Spending time alone with no distractions so we could really take a close look uninterrupted. It is not always an easy thing to do we live in such a techno world. We have forgotten the beauty and power of silence and what it can bring to our lives. We have forgotten simplicity and the truths it reveals to us about who we REALLY are! Take time as you enter into this New World New Year to see how much you have changed and be glad for that. Go inside and clear out those last remaining parts of you that no longer fit with how you think, throw away any baggage of self loathing you are dragging behind you and start looking for the love you are.

1. We first learned to face the truth of our reality, to let go of our television world of lies, and embrace what really is, for good and for bad, it just is. We learned how to see the truth, grasp it’s meaning, then let it go so we would not be weighted down by the drama. We opened our eyes as well as our hearts and began to realize we are all connected energies.

2. We learned the pitfalls of duality and began our journey into ending our duality thinking. In doing so this brought us together as one and therein lies our power. We were aware of the dark ones evil yet we learned to focus on what was right in the world, not what was wrong. We began to shine our light.

3. We learned to begin to pay attention to synchronicity when it came to us and to follow it wherever it led with full faith in our hearts. We finally got that ultimate message that there are no coincidences and that everything DOES happen for a reason. We found the MAGIC in life again that makes everything so special and worth living for. To follow synchronicity is to follow the magic!

4. We slowly began to learn how to use our discernment in a very confusing time of many lies and distractions being tossed our way. We learned to recognize lies versus truth by how it vibrated in our beings and we learned it the hard way. Our sense of knowing grew strong and we now saw life with eyes wide open and experienced it with our heart vibrations as our guide.

5. We began to learn how to distance ourselves from our egos and live in our hearts and be love. We were finally able to face evil situations and choose to face them with love and caring, not with our egos emotions of hate and fear. We learned that everything about life was a choice and it was up to us to choose how we would deal with things.We learned to choose love over fear and stand strong in that conviction!

6. We learned that in order to have a loving world WE had to be loving and stay in our hearts. We reached out to others and offered ourselves to them and we learned to keep our hearts open and never allow doubt to creep in and sway us from what we were doing. We learned forgiveness and began to learn to see the good in all people, regardless of what they were doing. It was difficult, yet we learned to forgive but never forget and to always look for the lesson being offered within those difficult moments.

7. We learned PATIENCE and FAITH ten fold and we learned the hard way not to get trapped in 3D expectations. We learned to have faith for we could not always see the effects of what we were doing. We just trusted that the path we had chosen to go down was the right one and we stayed on it. When we grew weary and began to waver we picked each other up and gave them support. Our sense of knowing grew even stronger and we could just sense from our hearts that what we were doing was right with little proof to push us forward.

8. We learned to love ourselves for who and what we are. We learned we could not create our new world without loving who we were and feeling joy within, for you cannot create what you don’t feel. We learned that change began with us first and would then spread out into the world around us. We learned to become the change and encouraging others to do the same for the good of the world. We recognized the world was a hologram and what we did to another we did to ourselves as well. We learned to live our lives according to how we wished our new world to be.

9. We now are able to carry the light of HOPE in our hearts and offer it to the world to keep us going and standing strong against the darkness. Hope was seared in our hearts and shone brightly outward lighting the way for the hopeless who followed along behind us. Our whole beings now shone with the bright light of hope and love and the whole world began to glow as well. We had many changes and learned a lot of things. This past year was pivotal in creating the foundation for the new world. We worked hard, we fought hard and created far more than we probably realize. Job well done my fellow Wayshowers!

By the way, to any new readers coming in I will suggest, as I did at the very beginning of this blog, to read the small but powerful book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It is a classic primer for how to begin to change your life for the better and for all those around you. Don’t forget it is our own actions which influence a change in others! Happy New world New Year to all!

Blessings to us all and to the world,

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