Wes Annac – The Pleiadian Council Of Nine : Gaia’s Energetic Framework Is Changing And Transforming – 1 January 2013

336This message, as well as the previous one from the Pleiadian High Council, was channeled before the 12-21 alignment and while some may not see the material as relavent to where we are currently, I think you will still find it helpful.

Greetings, dearest souls, I am Mariara representing the Pleiadian Council of Nine and we are happy and delighted to be in the vicinity of your energies at this time. Dearest SanJAsKa is usually representing all of our Councils when speaking through this specific scribe, but we are allowing dearest Mariara to speak because this soul is training for the very work performed by SanJAsKa in representing us and our Councils.

The collective of Earth is reaching a very important time in your history, and the pure states of consciousness you are all going to find within yourselves will not be matched by what you experience currently.

You are being led to realize the fluidity of your realities and your clear ability to shape and mold the very energy around you that forms your realities, in ways that suit and fit your needs and we could not be happier to see you dear souls integrate your ability to interact with your realities unto your everyday Lives, and experience the resulting benefits in yourselves.

Your perspectives are shifting and changing and this process has been ongoing, and we are here to help each one of you through your Earthly difficulties by offering our perspectives. We hope to assist you dear souls, as does every other soul in the higher realms who speaks to humanity and offers you advice along your Life paths, and we specifically have helped each one of you in previous Lives to find the enlightenment and knowledge within yourselves that led [and still leads] you toward the higher realms.

We have helped many of you to find enlightenment throughout various time periods in Gaia’s history and while the bulk of what you would recognize as evidence of these contact has been hidden from you, you can still see much in your ancient history’s art that suggests the very real contacts that have taken place on your world throughout various centuries.

We have truly been with you for longer than you dear souls realize and whenever the colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria fell, we went from existing with you in the colony of Atlantis to watching you from our ships as you experienced the lower dimensions as a natural result of the choices made in Atlantis.

We have been helping you to ascend and reach purer states of consciousness ever since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria which you will hear much about in due time, and we will be able to display much proof of our interactions with you; in the times of Atlantis and after such times and we will as well, explain and provide the proof of the reality of Atlantis and Lemuria alike.

The Agarthans have been working very hard on their presentation of the Akashic Records, as they will be displaying specifically the role that they have played in helping you all to ascend ever since they left Lemuria and went underground to the hollow Earth.

The Lemurians did indeed ascend and find purer states of consciousness, and have existed within Agartha since the fall of their colony to help you all ascend this time around rather than find the unfortunate destruction Atlantis and Lemuria found.

Many of you have wondered about us specifically and about the experiences we have in every moment, and we wish you to know that we are very much like you; only we experience a harmonious, blissful and pure state of consciousness that we wish with every part of ourselves for you all to find, know and experience once again as well.

Your entire ascension and the reason for our communications being sent to your world, has been for the purposes of helping you reach the states of consciousness we enjoy once again, as you are all familiar with the higher realms and you are all able to feel them in your own ways, even as you exist within the lower dimensional veil.

We are you; it is simply that we have found and rediscovered our infinity and we now work to help any soul throughout Creation who can possibly find an enlightened perspective, to inhabit the states of consciousness we have ourselves ascended to and quite enjoy inhabiting. Every race throughout this Galaxy who has found a collective ascension has formed into a Galactic Federation of all of these races, who help any underdeveloped planets to ascend and find the states of consciousness that we again, have all ascended to and currently enjoy existing within.

Upon ascending into a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, you will find the importance of serving others in all that you do and as we have found this importance after having ascended, we work to help this entire Galaxy to ascend and our Federation is one small facet of the Lighted Organizations and collectives all throughout Creation who have united and come together to help every aspect of Creation still experiencing a lower dimensional consciousness, to ascend.

The “number” of Lighted Organizations and members of such Organizations far exceeds any number we could give you, but we ask you to imagine a million Earths, all filled with Lighted souls who have come together and are working to help the rest of Creation find the Unity and ascended perspectives that we have found. Even this representation does not do justice to the description of the actual “number” of our Federations and the races such Federations, but we hoped to have been able to provide a glimpse for you dear souls.

In essence, there are a lot of Lighted souls helping to see that this entire Creation remembers its inherent connection to our Mother/Father Creator and we are all working with every facet of ourselves to serve the unawakened aspects of Creation.

You are all a part of these Lighted efforts as well, and you are the strongest of souls within our ranks. We understand that many of you don’t quite yet understand the magnificence of what you are doing, but you will know this in the time ahead when you see the actual energetic effects of your very presence on the Earth.

You are making the most potent of effects upon the Earth collective and yes, you dear souls have been told this many times. We will continue and continue to repeat this until it is truly soaked in that you are Creating the most marvelous of change upon the surface of a lower dimensional planet who has been anchored in density.

With every meditation; every Lighted interaction you find yourselves experiencing; every peek into the higher realms; you are anchoring energies that have been needed so very greatly to be anchored upon the surface of Gaia, so that She and all on Her surface could benefit from such energies. As Gaia’s very energetic framework is changing and transforming back to its former glory, your Light is needed and required greatly at this time.

When you dear souls are able to feel the sheer bliss and joy that will result from our presence around you and on your world, you will have absolutely no fear that we are anyone other than whom we say we are.

The pumped-up fears about negative outside forces invading and plundering your world will be replaced with an understanding that the human form is prevalent throughout this Universe and that the pure distortions of Love and Light form the guiding principles for the many evolved humans who are visiting your world now and who have many times in the past. We are the Lighted visitors to a world that is of your own Creation at present, but that was once home to as many heavenly entities as the dear Earth’s surface and inner-realms would allow.

We all wish to help you dear souls find the brimming vibrations of Source that you are growing toward, and we have no malicious intent for you or your world.

In fact, our strict following of your freewill has been a key factor in disclosure and our open contacts not having been pushed forward; because there are many dear sous on your world still trapped within their own predefined perceptions of what reality is, and becoming aware of the reality of our existence and presence on your world would serve to shatter the “bubbles” of such souls exponentially.

As a result, this entire process is one that must be looked after with as much ease, care and grace as possible for indeed, we will be introducing ourselves to your world and you will find a collective upliftment from our presence and our help but again, those who are not ready must be introduced to us in latent ways that will gradually put-forth the idea of our existence.

This process has been ongoing in your mainstream media for some time and while the cabals have attempted to sway this process and insert their propaganda into the latent revelations about us that are beginning to be made known on your world; the stories of Earth-like planets or possible Life on other worlds in your media that are starting to emerge are not tainted by the cabals and are rather, preparing the everyday citizen to know about our presence by latently and inherently introducing such concepts through a media that many unawakened souls on your world have been incredibly attached to.

Of course, the “alien invasion” related movies, television shows and news stories are the attempts by the cabal to get humanity to fear our presence and they plan to attempt to use small segments of the alternative media that they have control over, to soon put out many false alien-invasion stories and exaggerated stories of Niburu, etc. as your planet ascends further into realms that will take the veils off of the minds and hearts of humanity.

We ask you dear souls to be discerning with any piece of alternative or even spiritual news that you read, because the remaining segments of the cabals have attempted to infiltrate the truth movements occurring at present and swing the news coming out of certain alternative news sites, into stories that fit their own agenda and what they would like humanity to believe.

The infiltration of such websites by the cabals that may be used to disseminate fear-based stories about extraterrestrials in the time ahead, will be recognized by such stories and with your growing and rising levels of discernment, you dear souls will be able know what is and isn’t truth as you become increasingly awakened.

We would like to speak if allotted, on the emergence of the higher realms and the resulting perceptions within yourselves that are being garnered at present.

We implore you all to realize any old or outdated mindsets, habit patterns or belief systems [still employed] because the current intensity you experience now will be heightened exponentially, and a centered mind and heart is more important than anything.

You are already beginning to feel this power coming up from within and making itself known to you dear souls, and we would like to speak as well on the “flashes” of astral landscapes that some of you are noticing increasingly.

We say that now and in the time ahead, many of you may notice as a natural result of your unfolding perceptions, increasing flashes of landscapes, places or timelines and you may notice as well, a refining of such landscapes and a transformation of many aspects of them into the higher dimensional ones you have been working to find.

We have offered our scribe the best possible experience of this transformation we could offer, and we likened it to him a putting on different lense of perception.

We allowed him to view his homeland and the land he currently resides in, as the ascended Eden it truly is. The higher selves and guides of each one of you will begin offering very similar experiences to you and as goes without saying, you will naturally attract such experiences to yourselves with your unfolding perceptions as we help you to realize them and bring them about in yourselves.

You will increasingly become aware of your inner-planes and all that make up your inner-planes; especially your emotions. You will begin to recognize and some of you have already been able to recognize, the two seeming different realities you are beginning exist in; the outer and the inner. You are beginning now to see, feel and realize that your inner reality is just as strong if not stronger than the outer reality you experience and many of you are beginning to see, feel and notice the powerful effects your emotions have upon your Lives and your conscious experience.

For many of you, visiting the higher realms entails meeting us aboard our ships and we will welcomingly accept any dear soul who wishes to travel to our ships utilizing their visualization and “imagination” abilities.

It has been discussed that you can Create and experience anything within your imagination and you can visit any ascended and Galactic soul you would like to, for we are all humbly awaiting the introduction and reunion on the part of every dear soul on Earth, with us and the realms we exist within joyously for indeed, we are helping you reach these realms again!

You dear souls have made the climb and dealt with the extremes and densities of the Earth experience and we do not exaggerate when we say that you have come out of this experience as marvelous, Divine shining Gods. Truly noting can hold you back from anchoring your inner-held Creator Light unto a world immersed in darkness to quite extreme extents.

The extent of the lies and veils that have been established and kept fed on your world goes much farther that you dear souls could imagine at present. We do our best to fill in the gaps and give you as much knowledge and information as you can integrate and handle in any given moment, but even our communications do not do justice to the immense truth that you all need to know and absorb, so that your perceptions of what reality is can be changed exponentially.

We do not wish to take anybody away from their Created realities and indeed, any soul on your world who is comfortable in the third dimension will naturally find themselves undergoing further third dimensional travels, because ascension is your choice and every dear soul is honored along their paths no matter which direction they intend to travel.

However, there is so very much that humanity as a collective simply needs to be informed of and much of what you have been lied to about can be traced back to many, many Galactic visitations with your world in various time periods of your history.

Our many contacts with humanity are not the biggest secrets your cabals have kept that will shock you the most, but they are among the biggest and if the bubble were to be fully burst concerning us, our benevolence and the many contacts we have made with your world, a near-instant awakening would see the people realizing all that has been hidden from them and as a result, humanity will want more and more answers.

So many aspects of your reality that many dear souls have not understood or have thought to be tyrannical, will be unraveled and exposed and this will lead to the ultimate exposure of every aspect of the cabals and what they have done to your world throughout various time periods and when these disclosures comes forth, it will be important to remain balanced and stable and not to resort to anger or violence because of what has been done to you as a collective.

You all entered-into this experience knowing just what you were facing and while many of you did not anticipate the extremes of intensity prevalent on the Earth, you still knew the terms and conditions of your incarnation and while this sentiment will not help many people when the disclosure announcements expose every facet of what the cabals have done; we will be reminding each and every one of you that the very violent and angry energies some may wish to feed upon begin informed, are the very energies that drove and fed the cabals in the first place.

It will be explained that a new age and a new way of peace and harmony is unfolding on your world, and it will be explained that the old ways of vengeance simply have no place in this new world and the ways of forgiveness and Light are to replace them.

We can feel that humanity will feel much better if you are not vengeful toward the cabals, as the majority of your world does know that the way your society is functioning at this point simply cannot sustain your collective.

You are one soul, one entity, one Godsource and when you war with each other and attempt to destroy the very fabric that makes up the conscious experience of each and every one of you; oh, the vibrations of separation manifested are enormous and far-reaching, and will serve to hold you dear souls back much more than man realizes. This is why such vibrations have been prevalent and fed on your world for so very long, because the cabals have not wanted you dear souls to find and anchor the ways of peace, harmony and collective sustainability.

No, dear souls, they have wanted you to remain separated and divided because of perceived outer differences. Realizing the inner-Godhood that we all possess within and realizing that we are all constructed of the same Source energy no matter our outer appearances, will be another significant factor in lifting the veils from humanity’s minds and hearts.

Some of you look around your dear world and wonder how change could possibly enacted in the short timeframes that have been discussed.

We say that while there is indeed still much individual and collective density manifested on your world at present, there are a few collective mind and heart sets feeding such mass divisiveness and separation that, as humanity is fully informed and you work together to rebuild your world, will dissolve quite rapidly. (1)

It will be interesting for you dear souls to see how quickly your instated barriers of density, hatred and separation will fade away whenever worldwide prosperity and peace is introduced and anchored unto you and your world, and you will find that what you have seen as outer differences between your fellow man have really been the results of established collective, manufactured divisiveness that you are now beginning to find yourselves able to see-through and realize for the hollowness it truly is.

Every aspect of separation that has been fed on your world is to come to an end and as we make our final impressions for this communication and express gratitude to each and every one of you, we ask you to make your attempts to feel and notice the brimming vibrations now beginning to make themselves known within you.

Only you can hold you back and as you will find, the densities of the illusion are much easier to transmute than the lower dimensional experience has taught you. Your reality is fluid, and you are the Masers of your experience.

Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine.

(1)-The Hathors have discussed this as well, and referred to the density as “a last few but influential pillars of darkness feeding every last bit of density manifested on your world” or something to that extent.

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