Bill Ballard – Intense Higher Vibrational Energies Are Incoming Today – WOW – 2 January 2013

uploaded on 2 January 2013 by pearls2u I woke this morning to some major increases in the energy/LIGHT incoming. WOW! THis is pretty intense even for me. Several conversations with friends this morning prompted the subject of todays video which is witnessing the transition of so many into their multi dimensional states of being. As long as they hold on to what they knew and the old paradigm, as well as those persons who are not currently choosing to switch because of their unawakened state of being, things will be difficult. To release the shore and flow downstream and going with the flow is my advice coming from personal experience. I totally had to leave the situation I was in when I shifted to living fully in 5D, and out of the old way of being I was used to… I feel for you all who are going through that now. It is a difficult time. Sending LOVE!

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