OpEdNews – Anne-Nordhaus-Bike – Astrological Year Ahead 2013 : Sun, Moon, Mercury – 2 January 2013

janus2013-astrological-year-ahead-jpg_32315_20130101-688Welcome to January 2013. This month takes its name from the ancient Roman god Janus, who had one head with two faces, one that looked back to the past and the other that looked forward to the future.

Our month January is named for the Roman god Janus, whose two faces looked back and forward. This metaphor reminds us that January offers a perfect time to review the year past as we prepare for the new one that lies ahead. IMAGE: 2013 Janus graphic by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

This image gives us a perfect metaphor to inspire the early days of January, when we often feel drawn to review the past as we set plans for the future. It also reminds us this is a perfect time to begin thinking about the astrological year ahead.

This potent period of transition from one calendar year to the next always arrives while the Sun occupies Capricorn, giving this period a sober, realistic, and practical energy. After weeks of celebrations and socializing, we are ready to return to routine and to begin building a stronger foundation for a better life.

The transition from one calendar year to the next always occurs during the Sun’s time in sober Capricorn. IMAGE: Capricorn, watercolor on paper by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

With tiny but mighty Pluto, ruler of intense Scorpio, currently moving through Capricorn, this time of year also asks us to journey deep within ourselves to explore Plutonian themes of passion, truth, and transformation. At the same time, Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, is making its way through Scorpio, creating a condition called mutual reception, in which each sign’s ruler occupies the other sign and therefore places extra emphasis on both signs and both planets. This condition will continue until mid-September 2015.

These placements are asking us to reckon with power: what it means to us, how we tend to use it, and how we can apply it for the highest good. Over the past year, the Living in Harmony astrology articles have been published here on OpEdNews as the Sun changed signs each month, providing astrological information, art harmonized with the Sun sign or season, and special meditations for all 12 signs of the zodiac. Each one was designed to appeal not only to your intellect but to your emotions and your spiritual nature so you could experience your life in a fully conscious, holistic way. (To see all the articles, go to the archives here on OpEdNews or on the ANB Communications website.)

As a result, you are now empowered and ready to begin applying astrology’s knowledge and practical tools regularly in your daily life. Through astrology’s timeless wisdom, you now can recognize abundant opportunities to understand your true spiritual power and wield it well. If you will take up this responsibility, you will experience a new confidence and authority in helping to shape the coming year as you express the noblest aspects of your character.

The rest of this article provides the major dates and details you will need to begin using astrology to create harmony in your life. Here, for the astrological year ahead 2013, you will find dates for:

*  The Sun’s movement into each sign

*  The Moon’s monthly full phase

*  Mercury’s retrograde periods

After the section on Mercury, you will find a detailed list of additional astrological resources to help you make the most of this coming year.

How to use this guide to the astrological year ahead 2013

With the Sun now in Capricorn, and New Year’s Eve come and gone, we have just begun a new calendar year. That makes this a good time to review the past year and look toward the astrological year ahead 2013. Here are some ideas for making the most of Capricorn’s hardworking, organized energies this month as well as Pluto’s deeply introspective and transformative powers:

Look Back

Look over your 2012 calendar, diary, or journal to see how you have spent your time this year.

Set aside time to meditate about the past year. Consider how you have grown, what you have learned, and how your life is different now than it was one year ago. Also consider how well you expressed  your highest nature and when you fell short of your ideals.

Think about each zodiac sign and month and how well you expressed its energies. (See the newsletter archives if you want details on any of the signs.)

Now think about 2013, especially your hopes and dreams for yourself and your loved ones. Write down your heart’s desires for the coming year.

Look ahead

Mark your calendar for the astrological year ahead 2013: note all the important Sun, Moon, and Mercury dates listed in the later sections of this article.

Set aside time each month to meditate on that month’s astrological energies. For example, what sign will the Sun occupy? When is the Moon full? Will Mercury be retrograde? Think about how you can make the most of these energies.

Make the most of each month

As the Sun enters a new sign each month, visit our OpEdNews archives or Living in Harmony archives to review the newsletter for that astrological sign. Pay special attention to the background on the sign, its symbolism, and the special mystical meditation and artwork included at the end of each newsletter. If you own the astrology and art book Follow the Sun: A Simple Way to Use Astrology for Living in Harmony, then review the chapter for that month’s sign; if you don’t have a copy yet, consider getting one to help you make the most of each month’s energies.

At some point each month, visit our Tour the Zodiac section to see that month’s best traits and the painting of its symbol. See the list of notable people born under that sign and choose one whose life and art you would like to explore. For example, under Capricorn, the “Notable Goats” include Benjamin Franklin, Clara Barton, and Paul Cezanne. During the month of Capricorn, search online or visit your local library to read a biography or famous quotes by Franklin, to find out about Barton’s life and founding of the Red Cross, and to view paintings by Cezanne. In doing so, you will be harmonizing yourself with Capricorn’s patient, prudent energy and its desire to build great foundations and large structures.

Also each month, visit our painting and photography archives to view the artwork that harmonizes with that month’s sign. Over time, you will find that these pieces speak to your emotions and your spiritual nature, and you will begin developing the ability to see life’s symbolic, artistic, and cyclical side.

Follow the Sun: Respond when the Sun changes signs

Glorious Sunrise, oil painting by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

As the Sun enters a new sign each month, take note of the new sign’s energies and strengths (see the newsletter archives and the Tour the Zodiac section of our site). Consider how you will respond to the current sign and how you might experience and express it. Here are the dates for the Sun’s entry into each sign through the end of 2013.

NOTE: All times appear in U.S. Central Time and Greenwich Time. U.S. daylight saving time (CDT) in effect in 2013 from 10 March through 3 November.

You can “follow the Sun” and make the most of astrological energies by responding when the Sun changes signs each month, chart by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Tune in to the Moon: Enjoy the Full Moon

Moonrise Over Lake Michigan II, oil painting by Anne Nordhaus-Bike
You can benefit from the Moon’s beauty by going outdoors to gaze at this satellite of Earth whenever the Moon is full and the skies are clear in your area. Also, take time to notice how you feel in the days around each full Moon and jot down whatever insights and inspirations you receive so you can act on them later.

2013 Full Moons, chart by Anne Nordhaus-Bike
NOTE: If you want to track all the Moon’s phases, see the “Current Planets” chart on our website, which appears on the Astrology: Get Your Free Birth Chart and the Astrological Birth Chart Calculator pages. On those pages, scroll down to the bottom of the right column for the chart, which updates in real time whenever you refresh the page.
If you want to calculate your birth chart, you can do so instantly on either of these pages by entering the exact date, time, and place of your birth. The calculator is designed to work in all browsers; if you get an error message at any time, be sure to clear your cache.
Watch Mercury: Notice when the Messenger planet goes retrograde
When Mercury is retrograde, we often experience slowdowns, obstacles, errors, and other challenges. Typically, these issues affect areas ruled by Mercury, such as communication, travel, commerce, contracts, computers, electronics, and gadgets. Retrograde periods offer an excellent time for all tasks involving “re” such as reviewing, redoing, rewriting, and reworking.

Mercury retrograde tips from Astrology for Time Management video, image by Anne Nordhaus-Bike
Rather than starting anything new or launching a new project or product, you can make the most of Mercury’s retrograde by slowing down, noticing your thoughts, and observing how you and others communicate. Also notice what new information comes to light, both during and at the end of the retrograde period; often, helpful data surfaces that makes it much easier to make better decisions and move forward more effectively after the retrograde ends. In addition, retrograde times are excellent for starting to meditate, making time for inner reflection, and enjoying solitude.

2013 Mercury retrograde periods, chart by Anne Nordhaus-Bike
Listen to the Astrology for Time Management and the More Astrology for Time Management radio recordings or see the Astrology for Time Management video for more details on Mercury retrograde.
Additional resources for the astrological year ahead 2013
The Sun
*  Living in Harmony newsletter archives (especially Leo)
*  Living in Harmony blog
*  Follow the Sun astrology and art book
*  Glorious Sunrise oil painting, Leo watercolor painting, and other Sun-related painting, photography, and yarn art for Leo/August
*  Hymn to Aton mystical music video
The Moon
*  Living in Harmony newsletter for Cancer
*  Lunar painting, photography, and yarn art for Cancer/July
*  “Current Planets” chart at bottom of the Astrology: Get Your Free Birth Chart and the Astrological Birth Chart Calculator pages
*  Cancer watercolor painting and Moonrise Over Lake Michigan II oil painting
*  Living in Harmony newsletter Vol. 2, No. 7: see the second article, “Tips for handling Mercury retrograde”
*  Living in Harmony blog: click “Mercury retrograde” in the tag cloud in the right column or enter  “Mercury retrograde” in the search box to get a list of all blog posts on this topic
*  FAQ section: “When is Mercury retrograde?
General astrology
*  Follow the Sun astrology and art book
*  Living in Harmony newsletter archives
*  Living in Harmony blog
*  Astrology for Time Management radio show recordings
*  Astrology for Time Management video
*  Astrology-related artwork on the paintingphotography, and knitting pages of our website


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