Visionkeeper – Building A Bridge – 2 January 2013

Water-Lily Pond

This is our next mission to embark on. Building a bridge of confidence to the new world. In order to do this we must first establish self-worth for without it we are incapable of creating a beautiful new world. If you do not love yourself how can you create a world filled with love? It all begins with each of us making the journey within, clearing out the clutter and finding out who we really are. We have lived lifetimes believing we are damaged as we are, in need of improvement and yet nothing could be further from the truth. The dark ones media messages told us over and over we were incomplete and unworthy. We have life times of lies to overcome and that can only come about by awakening to the truth of the world in which we now live. It is painful to pull away the veil before our eyes and really take a look, but we must. It is the truth, as painful as it is, that will set us free and give us strength. When we know what we are up against we can no longer be caught off guard or duped by lies again. To have this kind of strength helps us to build ourselves up again after having been stepped upon for so long. Do not be afraid of the truth but rather welcome it like an old friend for once upon a time we were nothing but the truth. Let us use this new year to heal ourselves, heal our families and eventually the whole world.

Once we regain self-worth and realize we thought so little of ourselves because that is what we were taught to do not because that was who we were, we can gather up our confidence. We will need confidence to build the new world as well. I think of confidence as an absence of doubt. If we have no doubt about who and what we are and where we are going, we are limitless in our abilities. Once we regain our self-worth and confidence we can begin to build our bridge to the new world, up and over the failing world crumbling away beneath. If we are love within and have faith in the new world then it shall be created! We must take whatever is falling apart around us, create its alternative and put it into place. It is already being done today and will continue until our vision is completed.

Our mission for 2013 has begun. We must find our self-worth, fuel it with confidence and faith and we will be ready to build that bridge. We have been sold a bill of goods on just about everything we have been told. We have been buried in the black muck and mire of falsehoods until we nearly ran out of breath. Just in time our heads were able to push up and break through to the air, where we gasped for our much-needed breath. We survived and our hearts are still beating strongly. Can’t keep a good Wayshower down! It is time to brush ourselves off and get on with the business at hand. Awakening the masses, shining a million glaring spotlights on the truth and being love so that others might follow us over the bridge and into the light!

Blessings to us all,

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