Wes Annac – These Little Visions – 2 January 2013

336I’d like to speak for a short moment, on the small bursts of Divine visions and interactions I’ve been personally feeling. Anyone who’s read my writings of late know that I’ve personally experienced and documented a plethora of amazing things since the 21st alignment and continue to, and much of what I’ve reported has stayed in the forefront of my memory while smaller yet equally important things that have happened have been lost to memory.

Some of what I’ve experienced as small but powerful flashes, began far before the alignment of the 21st. At times, I will receive flashes of different higher dimensional beings; be them Galactic, Angelic or whatever else in nature. The flashes coming from the Galactics have been the strongest, and I’ve perceived of some amazingly beautiful Pleiadian souls as I received flashes of what they look like.

I know that I’m perceiving of them through my own lens and am probably not viewing them in their full purity when I receive such flashes, but that does not seem to matter as the flashes are incredibly strong and amazing. Just now as I’m writing this, I perceive of a beautiful ascended female-looking human, whose mind and heart are glowing magnificently and the energies coming out of them are absolutely radiating. I just perceived of some kind of “blast” of these energies and began perceiving of beautiful, flowing and intensely real colors coming out of the mind and heart of this soul.

I have no real idea who this soul is (though it’s clear she’s higher dimensional), and have given up on asking for a general label to identify any ascended soul by unless I plan to channel them. Experiencing, feeling and being a part of the Oneness energy for even just a moment, has seen me placing less focus on mind-centered labels and identification efforts, as I can feel that we are all simply facets of One beautiful and Divine, omnipotent entity.

I’ve perceived of so many other beautiful ascended beings and “saw” things during meditation that are just wonderful, and it seems that every daily meditation and attunement opens me up to another exciting and unfolding higher dimensional experience. Just as I was readying myself to take a short break from the computer today, I experienced something so amazing that it was the very inspiration for this writing and this public acknowledgement of even more wonderful things I hadn’t detailed as of yet.

To be short and frank with the description; I perceived of incredibly real and colored geometric shapes and energies, just bursting forth through my third eye. It was a very intense vision to receive and I quite literally felt the colors and the shapes as they were forming an overlapping pattern and continuing to express themselves to me. Looking back upon the image, it seems that these patterns are still expanding and overlapping each other, and a general overlapping is spilling over to other facets of the otherwise-blank landscape I’m perceiving of this amazing anomaly on.

Geometry was not my strong point in public high school math, so you’ll have to forgive my small knowledge of it. I have only heard of sacred geometry but from what I’m feeling about these patterns, it seems that they are some type of Creative tool that is essential to manifesting and keeping realities in place. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong about these patterns, as some of you have likely experienced, heard of or studied them.

Whatever their purpose, they are simply majestic to behold and the seemingly fleeting experience of perceiving of them was so grand and got my attention in such strong ways, that I am almost fully convinced that the “visions” I’ve been feeling are only to continue and become more intense.

I will have to repeat something I have said quite a bit, because it seems more than relevant to these times we are in: hold on to your hats!!

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