Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Everything You Need To Know – 3 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

Beknighted are you who stand in the world unafraid. You know that you are One, and you know you are alone never. You more than know in Whose arms you are. It is your experience. You know there is a God of Love, not in abstract, but firmly within you. You are no longer under the illusion of terror. Now you live in the Truth of Love. Now there are no impediments to the free-flowing river of love. There are no impediments.

The impediments that exist in life in the world are named emotions such as fear, anger, panic, grief, one triggering another, emotions projected, and their contractual occurrences of fighting, hurting, and damage. Such emotions and their consequences bury your heart. Love, the love which is beyond emotion, brings peace, understanding, resiliency, trust, fun, joy, and union.

Negative thoughts and emotions disrupt love. The truth of you is love. And yet the flow of your love, in and out, you allow it to be disrupted. You invent your own disruptions from your belief in consequences. Consequences would not exist except for your erstwhile belief in time. How would anger follow an affront if there were no time and, therefore, nothing to follow affront in? How could wars be fought except in the arena of time? Time is an illusion, and all the emotions that spring from allegiance to time are illusions as well. Invariably, beloveds, you have been tilting at windmills.

Recapture your own love. Aggression, retaliation, hurt feelings are reactions to illusion. In battles of war, hostility, and fear, you have gone along with the idea that your Inner Being must have suffered injury. Your Inner Being is not dependent about what happens. Your responding to threat from what occurs comes from the idea you have that you are vulnerable and must defend yourself. What you have to defend yourself from are your thoughts and the conclusions you draw.

In the world you carry the illusion that there is danger. You believe in danger. You live by the thought: “All is not well.”

And when I tell you that, no matter what, all is well, you turn up your nose. You sweep your arm across the sea of life, and you say, “God, you call that well?”

Your belief in time gives credence to outrage. Your recognition of Eternity will wipe the tears from your eyes and the images before you.

Beliefs are not necessary. Love is. You don’t require a belief in love in order to love. You have acquired beliefs in illness, accumulation, dissolution, the fragmentation of time and all it accrues — past, present, and future. Illness and accumulation are belief systems. They are systems of illusion, and illusion is false. Systems of illusion do require dissolution.

Soon, very soon, if not already (yes, I, too, speak in the misguided language of time) your illusions will dissolve, and you will stand free of them. You will stand in the world unafraid. There will be no pretense. There will be a different kind of theater on stage. The timed consequences you have watched will no longer be there. If you cry, you will cry tears of joy.

I want to tell you now that any weeping you have done, no matter how fraught with tragedy, how desperate you have felt, is an expression of joy. You thought that your joy in love had gone away in one way or another. In the presence and essence of Eternity, you will know there are no bounds to love, no beginning to it, no end to it. And that is all you need to know.

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