James Gilliland – The Awakening – 3 January 2013

jamesgillilandTo some there are major changes happening and it is off the scale. It is felt within, their hearts and minds are opening and the world is changing at a rapid rate. Others are seeing changes in their outer world at what seems a slower pace, often not realizing what is happening within. Like a birth a whole new being is emerging from the inside out, the placenta will be discarded which is the old world no longer needed as a containment vessel. The old world order has been the containment vessel and has been very creative at containing the masses in the first three chakras. Survival, sex and power fueled by the mass media, manufactured lack, wars, idols, chemicals to dumb you down such as fluoride, aspartame, gmo foods, high sugar and corn syrup acidic processed foods and psycotronics all play a part in this.

Regardless of their clever arrogance the old world order has missed the wisdom of evolution, universal law and the fact that the Earth, all who reside upon her have a different destiny. This destiny is supported and inspired by the Source itself and that destiny is to move to the next level. It is a destiny that cannot be stopped, it is happening even below the atomic level and assisted by the Source itself and the beautiful many servants of Creator/Spirit/God, or what many refer to as Source or Original Cause. Humanity is awakening, the heart, the voice, the vision, the direct knowing or God connection is activating on a grand scale.

There are those who are locked into the base five senses, the body, personality what they can perceive with the first three chakras, survival, sex and power. The controllers have taken Orwellian and Draconian steps to keep them there. To them very little has changed and like a frog in the pot where the water is brought to boil slowly they have no idea they are being cooked. The old world order is now that frog, it is being cooked from within by a spiritual fire. While they have been very busy cooking those they deem inferior they have failed to notice the bigger pot of which they are in which is now starting to boil. The way out is to jump out of both pots. The big question is are we going to become the fire or the frog? Another word for fire is spirit?

Are we a body and a personality or a spirit that has a body and personality? If we align with spirit would we not operate under universal law? Would we not be aware of the plan of the controllers as well as the plans of spirit? In unity consciousness, what science calls the unified field everything is connected—there is no separation. This means no elite, no competition, no deception only at one-ness. The awareness of what is in alignment with universal law or unity consciousness and the heart, voice and direct knowing from Creator opening will bring an end to the old guard.

The Earth has chosen to rise in frequency and move to the next level. All that which is upon the Earth must match the new frequency. The birth is real, it is upon us and the placenta—the old world order—will be discarded. Real wisdom will discard the clever attempts to stop an unstoppable process. These attempts to stop the spiritual evolution of Earth will be met with exposure and reaction—what some all karma. There is nowhere to hide from this process, there is no defense, and resistance is futile. The world of the controllers is coming to a close. They at best should be interested in soul evolution and where their consciousness and actions are going to take them.

The world of those in service to Creator is blooming. It is time to move into the heart, accept and own your divine heritage. We no longer have the luxury of serving the beast or to willingly participate in the control, enslavement, or any harm to humanity and the Earth. There will be no security in these roles. The plan is set, it is activated, the Source itself, what some call the real God, a divine intelligence or frequency and force is here along with the beautiful many. It is time to align with and celebrate the birth of humanity and the Earth, release the past and move forward in courage, in service to humanity and the Earth. Stop sweating the small stuff, according to your Godself it is all small stuff. Rise beyond petty bicaring, unite and create heaven on Earth.

Be well,

james gilliland

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