Sophia Love – The Core – 3 January 2013

heart lightIt is yourself you must love.
What would you do for one you loved?
What would that love look like?
Love is a remembering.
It sees through your eyes from the place where peace begins.
In this place, your soul is birthed, you are home.
Home is not found in four walls or the heart of another.
Home is recalled inside of agape.
It stands without requirement,
  answers every question and fills caverns of emptiness.
Words cannot destroy this love.
It cannot be removed by another.
Once you encounter agape, all doubt dissolves.
You have returned, and are at once adored, delighted, safe, sufficient,
  insightful and understood.
Your searching is over.
You have found your way home.
You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

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