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Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters: Your Growth And Learning Will Be Everlasting – 4 January 2013

107-small-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Imagine and feel that you are Creating the grandest of change that can be Created in your increasingly-evolving third dimensional reality. Imagine and know that this change is being Created by each of you in your own unique ways, and imagine that what you are doing now is to greatly impact the Lives of every dear soul on Earth. Continue reading


Mooji – I Want To Wake Up – 4 January 2013

Uploaded on 20 February 2010 by SatsangWithMooji “The persistent ‘wanting’ maintains and sustains a position of separation. We learned the concept of separation.” (Mooji) http://www.mooji.org (official website); http://mooji.satsangs.net (a source website of satsang dialogues), and also: http://www.youtube.com/moojiji and associated sites of Mooji’s satsang dialogues

John Ward – Currency Wars : Switzerland’s Franc Fire-Sale In Favour Of The Pound-Rush – 4 January 2013

John WardOnly a madman would invent the econo-fiscal system we have. Or a neocon.

‘Any thoughts on how we get out of this mess?’ wrote Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, as he rounded off his piece yesterday about the Swiss buying all the Sterling they could lay hands on in a swapathon for the Swiss franc. It is something of a pointer (towards how dysfunctional the global economic system is) that one of the richest nations in the world is buying the currency of a tiny bankrupt country in order to avoid going bankrupt itself. But I’m sure Milt Friedman would’ve had the answer to that peevish criticism. We just need to wait patiently while Dan Hannan finds the mots justes among his collection. Continue reading

John Ward – Spanish Bond Scandal : Wall St Journal Now Only 3 Years Behind The Slog – 4 January 2012

PETEPAULCARTcropHow the Journal is behind the music on Spain’s social welfare embezzlement

The Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal ran what it positioned as a ‘scoop’ yesterday on the Spanish bond Peter-to-pay-Paul thing involving the country’s social welfare funding. It was soon picked up by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge: Continue reading

Visionkeeper – New Beautiful Energies Surround Us – 4 January 2013


We may not be able to see them yet, but they are here surrounding us all, beautiful and loving energies. As we begin this new year, this new Aquarian Era of the feminine energy, let us take a few quiet moments to sit and be still and simply breathe in peace and joy and breathe out the disharmony and fear. Do not let it reside within you any longer, breathe it out and give it to the wind to carry away and disperse. It is a new year and a new era and we are new beings in a new world. Life is ready to begin anew, it is done with the old ways and so are we. Our new world is a blank pallet for us to create upon. Let us choose beautiful and radiant colors to paint our world in and to use no sharp corners when we paint, only flowing continuous circles that connect all that is. It is time to see life through new eyes and with a mind that is open and willing to receive just as our hearts are. No more walls and limitations for they no longer exist, only in our minds if we allow them to reside there. We are infinite possibility as vast as the universe and we share it with each other. We are all one now, the days of duality must end and we must begin now to see and think in terms of what is good for all, not just for ourselves. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – 4 January 2013

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TheOne-DreamDreamer – Holding The Space For Miracles – 4 January 2013

unknownEach time there are expectations, the door to miracles is closed. Expectations fill in the space of manifestation.

Past experiences, past actions and reactions, past words or thoughts… brought in to the Now, re-creating the past. The space for miracles to happen is squeezed amongst the walls of past and future. Miracles happen Now, in the only existing moments.

To let go and let God, let miracles (lat: Miraculum=wonderful thing) a Space. The law of the Universe cannot be changed, and if the energy put in to a situation comes from an internal expected event, that energy will compete with the natural manifestation of Love. Love is here to happen, once it is allowed and welcomed.

If it is difficult to see a tea cup as something never seen before, it is worth all that is to look at any human being every time as if it was the first time, clearing all thoughts made yesterday that define them, putting them into the past room of being. Yes, I’m smiling too… easy to say less to live. Kind of, at least until expectations of you are let go… it’s the same Miracle. Every breath re-births creation, in every breath the Self is re-born in you. In every breath all can be let go of or all can be hold on to.

That! That is already The Miracle. Allow it. One Breath at the time.

And… do not expect miracles, they happen.

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Ron Van Dyke – Fiscal Cliff, A Made In DC Movie – 4 January 2013

Uploaded on 4 January 2013 by paradoxman316 Yes, the entire fiscal cliff drama playing in main stream media in the US and probably around the world, is just a movie. It’s a fictitious drama starring Obama and his cast of treasonists trying to sell the world on the lie that somehow the government is running out of money. The truth is, they have no money. All they have is a Ponzi scheme based on debt, borrowing from private international banks, which is treason in itself, where the interest (money that has never been created) debt has overwhelmed the system and revealed the scam for those with eyes to see beyond the rhetoric. Maybe not fast enough for some of us, but the world is catching on to the charade.

Jamye Price – The Energies Of January 2013 – 4 January 2013

The Energies of January

2012 Review

Adios 2012!  That wasn’t the easiest of years, but it was effective!  2012 was a five year (2+0+1+2=5), so it was a year of change and we certainly had that in spades.  Change is always beneficial even if it doesn’t seem like it in the moment.  Your Higher Self is always edging your towards improvement.  You can resist, but as you may have noticed in 2012, not only is it futile, it’s far more challenging.  Of course mixed in with that change is your improved courage and appreciation.  When you look back on the year, take some time to appreciate some of the more challenging aspects and what they taught you and gave to you.  There is a gift in every shift!
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Removing The Shackles – A Conversation With Trustee Heather Of The One People’s Public Trust – 4 January 2013

TOPPT-LOGO-BLOG2(Lucas : There was and is still lots of talk about prosperity programs and when they come into existense and begin paying out. Just keep your head cool. All will unfold when it is ready to. I would still ask your discernment about things you read as it easily can be again a disappointment if things are not coming about as you expected.  Just know things are on their way but even those thinking to know will know not all is as it is.)

*A conversation with Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf of The One People’s Public Trust*
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