Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Graced By God – 4 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

Life is not a sacrifice you make. You do not sacrifice Heaven in order to be deployed in the extant world. You may think you made a great sacrifice to come to Earth. You think many things. You can think anything you like. It never has had to be true for you to think something is true. I am telling you the Truth. You are far more than you have thought.

There is no sacrificing your Divinity. You can disbelieve your Divinity, yet you cannot give it up. No matter how hidden from you, the Divinity within you will needle you, pester you, get under your skin until you recognize it. Divinity lives in you. It is not something you can get up from and leave, nor can you displace it. Sooner or later, you will look. You will have to look because Divinity will make itself known to you. It will unbury Itself. It will not let you rest. It will come to the fore in your life.

A seed of a flower called Divinity will burst its bounds, and a bud like a suspicion will begin to appear, and then there will bloom a flower that cannot be glossed over any longer. Divinity is wild and woolly and wonderful, and it is yours.

You can look at Divinity as My hand on your shoulder. You can look at it as the sunshine bursting through clouds. You can look at it.

You never sacrificed Heaven. No longer possibly think that you gave up light for darkness. Beloveds, you are the Voice in the wilderness. You are the Voice, and there never was a wilderness. There is forgetfulness, and, yet, Divinity will not be forgotten or overridden no matter how you look away.

Give up fear of the Bright Sunshine, and give up ignorance. You are a Lighted Being on Earth. You cannot get away from Divinity. You play an imaginary poker game with yourself. You have already won. You are established in Divinity and the Rays of the Sun. Born of Light, you can only be light. So be it! Take yourself by your hand and take yourself where you are. You are a Heavenly Being. You took a journey to Earth, and now you live on Earth, yet there is no escaping Heaven. You brought it right along with you.

The seed of Heaven within you will turn up. It will make its way through the subterfuges of your mind and will burst from your heart, and you will know the Divinity that you are and have always have been. You carry it with you. Graced by God, you are graced. What can you be graced with but your true Divine nature as I gave it to you?

It is as if you fooled around, trying to choose colors for your house when your house was already made of solid gold. Through unopened eyes, you saw dinginess. Lift your eyes, and you will begin to see the Light of the Sun surrounding you, and will recognize that you, this human being you discredited, that you are the Light, and you can no longer convince yourself otherwise. And why would you want to? Why wouldn’t you want to unmask yourself in the glory in which you stand?

Never mind what you have thought. Never mind what the world has thought. It is not presumptuous of you to stand in the Light that is yours. It is presumptuous of you to deny the God-given Light that you are. Come out from under the toadstool. Lift up your downcast eyes and let your light be seen. You are not raiment you have put on. You are the True Gold of God. Reclaim your Divinity and hold it high. No one has to see the Divinity that is clearly you but you. You have to see. And I have never not seen. link to original article

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