TheOne-DreamDreamer – Holding The Space For Miracles – 4 January 2013

unknownEach time there are expectations, the door to miracles is closed. Expectations fill in the space of manifestation.

Past experiences, past actions and reactions, past words or thoughts… brought in to the Now, re-creating the past. The space for miracles to happen is squeezed amongst the walls of past and future. Miracles happen Now, in the only existing moments.

To let go and let God, let miracles (lat: Miraculum=wonderful thing) a Space. The law of the Universe cannot be changed, and if the energy put in to a situation comes from an internal expected event, that energy will compete with the natural manifestation of Love. Love is here to happen, once it is allowed and welcomed.

If it is difficult to see a tea cup as something never seen before, it is worth all that is to look at any human being every time as if it was the first time, clearing all thoughts made yesterday that define them, putting them into the past room of being. Yes, I’m smiling too… easy to say less to live. Kind of, at least until expectations of you are let go… it’s the same Miracle. Every breath re-births creation, in every breath the Self is re-born in you. In every breath all can be let go of or all can be hold on to.

That! That is already The Miracle. Allow it. One Breath at the time.

And… do not expect miracles, they happen. / link to original article

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