Visionkeeper – New Beautiful Energies Surround Us – 4 January 2013


We may not be able to see them yet, but they are here surrounding us all, beautiful and loving energies. As we begin this new year, this new Aquarian Era of the feminine energy, let us take a few quiet moments to sit and be still and simply breathe in peace and joy and breathe out the disharmony and fear. Do not let it reside within you any longer, breathe it out and give it to the wind to carry away and disperse. It is a new year and a new era and we are new beings in a new world. Life is ready to begin anew, it is done with the old ways and so are we. Our new world is a blank pallet for us to create upon. Let us choose beautiful and radiant colors to paint our world in and to use no sharp corners when we paint, only flowing continuous circles that connect all that is. It is time to see life through new eyes and with a mind that is open and willing to receive just as our hearts are. No more walls and limitations for they no longer exist, only in our minds if we allow them to reside there. We are infinite possibility as vast as the universe and we share it with each other. We are all one now, the days of duality must end and we must begin now to see and think in terms of what is good for all, not just for ourselves.

We need to begin by bringing this new way of being into ourselves and then expand it out into our families and communities and into the world. Begin by choosing to be kind and gentle and soft in your approach to living. No more harsh words or hurtful thoughts. Choose to be this new kind of person, choose to look for the positive side life always offers, practice seeing and experiencing life through your heart and not your mind, silence the destructive ways of ego and the driving need to be right, learn to go with the flow of life instead of trying to paddle upstream against it. It may not always be the way you wanted, but learn to accept it and go with the flow, for in doing so you are honoring your soul’s wishes. Pay close attention to synchronicities when they enter your life, follow them fearlessly and without question and remember nothing is a coincidence, everything has a purpose for being. Living this way we will bring back the magic in our life and everything will begin to hold new and deeper meaning for us.

This is a new chance for each of us to create a better world and get back our freedoms stolen away so long ago. Whatever we desire can be ours if we think it and act it into reality. If we wish to be free then we must begin to act free, to loosen the restrictions in our minds and by allowing what will be to be, not letting anything stop us from being who we want to be or doing what we choose to do. We are being handed a fresh start to create a better world. This chance will not be around again for another 26,000 years so let us do away with doubt and fear and get on with doing what we were gifted with do. Creating a loving and kind world centered in peace.

Blessings to us all,

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