Blossom Goodchild – ( nr.2) – Keep On Keeping On! – 5 January 2013

blossom-blog-new shortJust now in a reply to an email I wrote … ‘KEEP ON KEEPING ON … FOR THERE IS A TRUTH INSIDE OF US THAT MAKES US DO SO!’

Sometimes I question all of this stuff, and believe me; I have had enough emails to leave not one stone of this ‘messenger lark’ unturned. Yet as I work my way through my TRUTHS … at the end of the day … I simply say to my heart ‘What do you FEEL?’ and instantly I FEEL A DEEP LOVE.

SO … Yes indeed … There are some issues that I would certainly like explaining whilst discussing ‘The Earthly Agenda’ over a pot of tea and a current bun with the affectionately known FOL … yet for now … I choose to accept the notion that it is wise to carry on with these ‘Off World Light Warriors’ because they seem to focus on LOVE more than anything else. In fact I don’t think they have ever done a channel and not brought the utter importance of it to the fore.

SO … Over time I have thought and thought and decided that indeed they are TRUTH. Not only are they TRUTH … they are very wise and very Loving and very understanding. Never have they spoken negatively of anyone or anything.  For me … I have a lot more that I wish to learn from them.

SO … They said last week that indeed we have Ascended and that it shall be a gradual thing … and that THE EVENT … THE HAPPENING … is still to come.  Fair enough. I can accept that.

If it doesn’t come in my life time then so be it … It doesn’t mean it’s not coming!

SO … Where does that leave me and my thoughts about the rest of my days?

In all honesty no different from how I used to think ‘before’! Except there is a little stirring that’s playing on my mind and in my heart. I am not sure whether it is my mood or whether or not ‘SOMETHING HAS CHANGED’ … AND … IT IS ALREADY ‘STEPPING UP’ IN ITS FREQUENCY. The more you go along with THE CHANGE … the quicker one is ‘getting’ how THE CHANGE works and what THE CHANGE actually IS. It’s not easy to put into words. Why? … Because it is a FEELING.


I have been faced with a few challenges here and there over the last week … some trivial … some not so trivial (to me).  I am sure many with ‘their challenges’ would say ‘Get over yourself Blossom … you should try my life!’ … Yet … I have found such a quickness in the turnaround of my thoughts about them … almost … I repeat … ALMOST instant. As if my mind simply doesn’t want Ms Neggy Nag to be given any free time to hang around and moan … For it is instantaneously recognised that she no longer serves.

SO … there is also this FEELING of … (and these words will not accommodate, yet will have to do) … a sort of acceptance about ‘everything’ regarding where one is at … What one should or should not do … a sort of ‘whatever will be will be’ type of laidbackness  …  yet at the same time … awaiting some signal as to when ‘the mission’ really starts to take off . Even though I accept that this whole Ascension things is a gradual one!

SO … what we do here is follow this FEELING. This deeper understanding of ONENESS. It, for me… is so subtle at the moment … but maybe I have just been metaphorically reborn and these things take time to absorb. If the LIGHT was to smack me between the eyes at its peak … I would be overwhelmed and blinded!!! Yet … as my eyes adjust gradually  ( and during my three days of darkness to my soul …  I had to wear my sunglasses continually because although it was not super sunny … the LIGHT was too bright for my eyes . Mmm … interesting Holmes!) … I digress …

As my eyes adjust gradually … I will begin to see things as they Truly are … now that the veil has been lifted (If indeed it has!!! Really who knows … at the end of the day … who knows?) Yet the fact is millions of souls on this planet for one reason or another KNOW DEEP DOWN that the world is CHANGING and CHANGING for the better.  They KNOW too that our Star Family are part of our journey … it is as simple and as TRUTHFUL as that.

SO … what does one do now?

Love Loght Laughter & Golden Rays
Blossom G. xxx


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